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Hilldrup Greenville Gives Back to Stone Soup Animal Rescue

There’s no question that Hilldrup Greenville is as passionate about giving back to their community as they are about moving folks to, from and around the area. In the spirit of the holiday season, our team gladly donated both time and money for those needing some extra support and care.

Stone Soup Animal Rescue, located in Woodruff, South Carolina, is proud of its mission to provide a safe haven for stray animals, and to collect and nurture displaced animals due to natural and manmade disasters, regardless of breed, sex or species. This amazing rescue program is proudly owned by Allen Poole, COO of Roebuck Builders, who in fact built our Greenville branch office!

Allen started the rescue with his own money but relies heavily on donations to keep the shelter operational. Hilldrup’s Greenville team visited the rescue one weekend to bring cash donations and treats to the furry residents there.

“Allen does a great job and takes great care of all the animals that they’ve rescued,” described Becky Werther, Office Manager, Hilldrup Greenville. “All are available for adoption – I personally wanted to take them all home!”

Becky and Billy Morrison, VP and GM of Hilldrup Greenville, also went shopping to assist a family from Boiling Springs Intermediate School who needed some help with food for the Christmas break. Our team loaded up a grocery cart with all kinds of healthy snacks and fruit for the family, as well as added $200 in gift cards so that additional food could be purchased.

“We are all very fortunate to have what we do,” said Becky. “You don’t really have to look that hard to help someone in need!”

And how true that is! We’re proud to support our neighbors (furry friends included!) in any way that we can and truly appreciate our Greenville team’s great display of generosity and kindness. Thank you for all that you do!

If you’re interested in supporting, donating or adopting from Stone Soup Animal Rescue, be sure to check out their website and Facebook page for updates and information!