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Hilldrup Participates in Marriott Headquarters’ Bring Your Kid to Work Day Event

Hilldrup Stafford recently visited Marriott Headquarters in Bethesda, MD to lead an activity inspired by moving and storage for Marriott employees and their families as part of their Bring Your Kid to Work Day event.

The activity challenged each participant to wrap and protect an egg using Hilldrup’s packing materials to ensure that the egg would be protected from a short fall. Packing materials included packing paper, bubble wrap and tape for both parents and kids to use to secure their egg and put their packing skills to the test!

Alexis Meredith, Marketing Coordinator, assisted parents and kids with the materials needed. Once each participant was confident in their packing, Onie Girton, Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Services, dropped each packaged egg from atop a ladder to test if the egg would “survive” the fall. The kids and parents really got into the fun of the activity and many enjoyed a few attempts to package their egg just right so that it would survive the fall. As many learned, proper packing isn’t as easy as the Hilldrup team makes it look!

After the activity, parents and children were invited to come aboard the Hilldrup truck to see what the interior of our tractor-trailer looks like and get a closer look at the packing materials we use every day to protect the household goods we move.

We loved being a part of Marriott’s special day dedicated to their team’s families, and we appreciate the opportunity to share a bit about our services and capabilities with everyone!

Hilldrup mover standing in front of United truck

Hilldrup Stafford Van Operator Ronald Brown pulled up to Marriott’s Headquarters in Bethesda, MD to provide the materials needed for our activity during Marriott’s Bring Your Kid to Work Day. Families could even get an inside look at Hilldrup’s moving truck!

A boy holding his wrapped egg with a thumbs up

Look at that magnificent packing job! The families of Marriott employees were encouraged to attend Marriott’s Bring Your Kid to Work Day event where kids and parents were challenged to package an egg to survive a short fall. As many learned, packing is harder than it looks!

Two kids holding an egg with thumbs up

Double the effort, double the success. These twins knew exactly what materials to use to ensure that their egg survived the fall – great job!  

Hilldrup employees and their kids creating safety net for their eggs for the egg drop

We loved getting to know the Marriott team even more during the Bring Your Kid to Work Day event! As a fourth-generation family-owned company, Hilldrup understands the importance of family and truly enjoyed leading this activity for these parents to make memories with their children.

Hilldrup employees dropping an egg from the top of a ladder during a fun activity

There it goes! Onie Girton, Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Services, drops the packaged egg from atop a ladder to test whether the packing materials were enough to secure it.  

Hilldrup employees showing their kids the inside of a moving truck

Parents and kids alike enjoyed seeing the interior of our truck and learning more about the packing materials that the Hilldrup team uses every day. Thanks for spending time with us!