Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics
Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics

Commercial Local Dispatcher (Capitol Heights, MD)

Job ID: 353
Posted: 09/25/2018
Employment Type: Full-Time
Entry Level: No
Locations: Capitol Heights, MD


Assist in dispatching local jobs on a daily basis as delegated by the Operations Manager. Accountable for a variety of functions for dispatch, safety, marketing and employee development. Responsible for the morning dispatch of all crews. Responsible for uniform compliance. Responsible for cleanliness of all local equipment. Reviews all paperwork requirements including special instructions to crew chief prior to dispatch. Performs random safety inspections on the lot and insures all service providers are following the HOS regulations. Monitors all crews with multiple jobs each day with Operations Manager. Communicates with service providers to ensure timely arrival to all dispatched jobs. Maintains Truck Mileage Report. Handles background checks and drug tests for all non-employees. This includes getting crew members badged or pre-cleared for customers. Assist Operations Manager in hiring and developing Project Managers and crew members.


Education:  2 to 4-year college degree or equivalent work experience.

Experience: 3 to 5 years of experience in the moving and storage industry.

Licenses, Certifications, and/or Registrations: Valid Virginia operator’s license.

Other Minimum Qualifications: Good planning skills; good communication and problem-solving skills; thorough knowledge of equipment capabilities.  Good knowledge of Washington-Metropolitan area.



Hilldrup is an equal opportunity employer. Hilldrup conducts drug screens and background checks on applicants who accept employment offers.
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