Hilldrup’s Carmen Ramirez Featured on Chamber of Commerce Panel

Benefits Director Carmen Ramirez was recently featured as a panelist during the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce Now luncheon event.

Carmen Ramirez at the Fredericksburg Chamber's Panel event

Being an employer of choice in the markets we serve is a goal and commitment that Hilldrup takes seriously. After all, our 119 years of doing business and ranking as the Best Moving Company and one of Fredericksburg’s Best Places to Work is in thanks to our professionals who make our success possible year after year!

Focusing on our employee from a holistic perspective is an investment back into our company, and one that we’re proud to share more about. Recently, we had the opportunity to do just that. Hilldrup’s Benefits Director, Carmen Ramirez, was featured as a panelist by the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce to discuss becoming an Employer of Choice from an employee benefits perspective.

The Fredericksburg Chamber hosted a Workforce Now luncheon to discuss how and what companies do to offer creative benefits in order to attract and retain top talent. Hilldrup joined local business leaders who represented SimVentions and Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) to dive into this topic more.

The demand for top talent in 2022 has been extremely competitive, based on increasing employee expectations of their employers; so much has changed since the pandemic. HR professionals have an increased focus and commitment to optimizing employee job satisfaction more than ever. Company culture, employee benefits, competitive pay, employee development and work-life balance each play a critical role in recruiting and retaining top talent.

During the Workforce Now event, Carmen specifically spoke to what many organizations (including Hilldrup) are doing to remain competitive in today’s challenging employment market and what benefits offerings research is telling us we should be focused on in the coming years. We were excited to partake in this important discussion and enjoyed sharing our strategy and hearing from peer panelists about their benefits strategies.

We appreciate the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce for inviting Hilldrup to be a part of this conversation. Special thank you to Carmen for sharing more about the many ways Hilldrup strives to continue being an employer of choice, and for representing us so well!


Check out a snippet of Carmen on the Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce Now panel here: