Stafford County Public School Students & Families Enjoy Art Show at Hilldrup HQ

With their families, Stafford County Public School students enjoyed viewing their artwork displayed in our hallways!

Recently, our Corporate Headquarters welcomed Stafford County Public School (SCPS) student artists and their families to view their very own work on display at our office! The artwork, created by students from pre-K through the high school level, was carefully selected and displayed early this year by Annamarie Bollino, SCPS Fine & Performing Arts Facilitator. We were thrilled to have these students visit to see their artwork in-person with us, especially due to a lapse in visitations since the pandemic began.

Students and their families enjoyed the artwork that is displayed in one of our most trafficked hallways – bringing much color and creativity to our space! From paintings to collages, the talent of our area’s local artists really transforms our office space.

Hilldrup leaders were in attendance to welcome students, chat with families and provide a closer look at our organization – including our fleet! Visitors were encouraged to stop and check out one of our trucks before they departed and ask any questions they had about us or moving in general!

We were thrilled to have such a high turnout and hope that these artists also enjoyed their token of thanks from us – cupcakes and a sketch set, which included a moleskin notebook and colored pencils.

Thank you to the student artists for sharing your talents and time with us as part of the art exhibit event at our Stafford location! Special thank you to Stafford County Public Schools and Annamarie Bollino for helping to coordinate this event, and for your continued support of arts throughout our community!

SCPS Student at Hilldrup's Art Show

We loved being able to welcome the artists behind the masterpieces on display at our office!

SCPS elementary school student at Hilldrup's art show.

Thank you to the featured student artists for allowing us to share your work with our employees and visitors throughout the year!

SCPS students explore our fleet

A family enjoys learning about our trucks

Students and families alike enjoyed getting a closer look at the interior of our trucks as part of the open house event!

Team Hilldrup with SCPS faculty at the art show.

Thank you to Stafford County Public Schools for helping make this displayed artwork and event possible for the students and Hilldrup! In attendance, pictured from left to right, are: Chris Cannon, Vice President, Controller; Annamarie Bollino, SCPS Fine & Performing Arts Facilitator; Dr. Thomas Taylor, SCPS Superintendent; and Connie McGrath, Vice President, Finance.