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October 19, 2017 |

I’ve traveled to many ACC football games in my days driving for the University of North Carolina, and my favorite stadium to visit during college football season is none other than Lane Stadium. There’s just something about being in a small college town, on a crisp fall afternoon and being surrounded by 66,000 screaming fans. Pro tip: be prepared for the sound of Skipper firing, if Virginia Tech scores.

The drive from Chapel Hill to Blacksburg is around 200 miles, depending on the route you decide to take. Here's the route I'll be taking. The obstacles to be on the lookout for during this road trip are deer, fog and traffic on I-81.

Tailgating is king on gameday in Blacksburg, and information about what you can expect on game day can be found here.

While I am normally with the team and helping out before the game, over the years I’ve heard of some fun restaurants and traditions to take part in close to campus.


  • The Cellar – serves up Greek food and pizza, located a couple blocks from campus
  • Joe’s Diner – for a quick and cheap breakfast that will stick to your bones
  • Hokie House, Sharkey’s or Top of the Stairs – three bars for if you want to grab a beer and watch a few other games before heading to the stadium
  • Sub Station II – a place to pick up a couple of sub sandwiches to contribute to the tailgate you’re attending
  • Carol Lee Donuts – start your day with a sugar high or pick up a couple dozen to share at your tailgate

See you at the game! And if you see the UNC Football Truck – share your photos with me on Twitter using #UNCFBTruck.

- Ricky, UNC Football Equipment Truck / Hilldrup Driver

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