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Hilldrup Orlando Makes Moves at Waterford Elementary Teach-In

At Hilldrup, we love to give back to our local communities – whether it be through financial support, food donations, or even simply educating others on how we do what we do every day! That was recently the case for our Hilldrup Orlando team who participated in Waterford Elementary’s Teach-In 2019 event.

National Teach-In Day is celebrated annually on November 21 in the spirit of American Education Week. The theme of this celebration is to bring business and civic leaders into local classrooms in a fun and engaging way. Here, these leaders from various industries give students the perfect opportunity to talk with them about academics, careers and their futures!

Orlando Van Operator, Jeff Arlotta, participated by representing Hilldrup at Waterford Elementary to show students what we do in the moving and storage industry. Jeff helped “train” students on what they have to know and be aware of to be successful in our industry. The Teach-In session also included a tour of one of our Hilldrup trucks!

We loved sharing our passion for the industry and for our customers with our future generation of leaders! We appreciate Waterford Elementary for having us and hope that the students there were inspired by what we do!

Wow – checking out the inside of a moving truck?! We loved the reactions! Thanks so much to the students of Waterford Elementary for your interest, questions and participation during our presentation.

These second graders were all on board to learn more about Hilldrup and the moving and storage industry – we hoped you learned a lot!