Furniture Installation

Office Furniture Solutions throughout Our Footprint and the Entire Country

Hilldrup is truly the one-stop shop for furniture services. As a leading dealer for top brands throughout the country, we have the ability to be your comprehensive solution to strategize, furnish, relocate and sustain your workplace furniture needs. Allow our expertise, assets and team to take care of any furniture services your business may require.

We understand from our clients that the thought of planning an entirely new workspace layout can seem daunting. But with Hilldrup, we take out the stress and handle every detail. As a one-stop shop for all furniture services, we can execute every last detail while staying on track with any scheduling or budget parameters your business may have. Tell us what you need, and we will make it happen.

Our current Furniture and Furniture Services offerings include the following:

Full Design Services

Hilldrup offers CAD and CAFM, which allow us to meticulously plan your workplace needs – whatever those details might include. Planning the layout of your organization is critical to daily operations and your team’s success. Our team offers office space planning to make sure that our plan aligns with how you and your team work best. We’ll create efficient workflows based on space and synergies that make sense for your team, environment and departments.

Asset Management of Current and New Furniture

Same floor or completely different building – Hilldrup’s team will be responsible for it all, ensuring that the oversight of your furniture is accurate, updated and routinely verified. Whether your team is considering keeping current furniture or thinking “out with the old, in with the new,” Hilldrup’s has you covered with our asset management.

Installation and Reconfiguration of Workstations and Furniture

Whether it’s new furniture or old, Hilldrup can install or reconfigure those fixtures. Our team is experienced in brainstorming new ways to make workspaces function more easily – and without stretching your budget. When it comes time to install furniture, our team can quickly make those updates and changes with limited disruption to your team and business to-dos.

Repurposing Current Furniture to Different Departments or Facilities

Just because your furniture doesn’t work or isn’t wanted in one area doesn’t mean it can’t work in another! Hilldrup can move furniture to a new department or campus location of your business that makes the most sense for your organization. Our team doesn’t pressure clients to toss perfectly good furniture for the latest-and-greatest. We understand budgets are critical, and our agility proves that we can create new purposes and homes for your existing furniture.

Liquidation and Decommissioning of Outdated Workplace Furniture

If you do decide that your current furniture items are out of date or not as functional as you originally planned, Hilldrup can take these items off your hands. We’ll take what you don’t need and ensure outdated furniture has a new home or purpose. We work with non-profits and organizations that are always looking for furniture to benefit the local community; we are happy to do our part in bringing those items over for liquidation or decommission.

Our team looks forward to learning more about your business’s furniture needs. Contact us today, and one of our many experts will be more than happy to help you out!