Packing & Crating

Hilldrup is a full-service moving company that offers full and custom packing and unpacking services based on our client’s needs. With our array of moving materials, including dish pack cartons to keep your breakables secure and wardrobe cartons to ensure the integrity of your clothing, Hilldrup has the knowledge, materials and solutions to keep all of your items in pristine condition.

Our Packing Professionals

Hilldrup’s dedicated packing teams train in-house at Hilldrup’s Center for Employee Development and Training which offers our service teams the space and opportunity to learn how to pack, load and deliver in our fully furnished two-bedroom home complete with shipping containers and a moving van. The Center provides an opportunity for our employees to learn how to pack, load, transport, unload and unpack with our furniture, in our house, using our truck – all before we ever step into a customer’s home.

Our packing teams are required to successfully complete a training program including orientation classes, packing classes, and moving classes, all taught by certified instructors. We stress the “three As” of quality: attitude, appearance and ability. All professionals who will assist with packing your items arrive in Hilldrup attire and are background checked – so you know exactly who we are and what we stand by while our team assists within your home. We’re inspired by our Values to exemplify Empowered Accountability in all that we do – it’s why every box that’s packed by Hilldrup is marked with the initials of the team member who packed it.

Full Service Packing

When you’re preparing to move, there’s a million things to think about – so leave the packing to the professionals! Our trained, vetted teams are experts when it comes to packing all items in your household – from china to home décor to photo albums to books. With over a century of experience, there’s nothing that our teams haven’t prepared to move for our customers. So sit back and relax, your items are in the best hands in the business.

Custom Packing Solutions

Remember, we can pack as much or as little as you would like. Maybe there’s items that you want to leave to the professionals but you’d prefer to handle the non-breakables yourself – Hilldrup will gladly assist you with a partial pack. Our teams have the proper packing materials, techniques and knowledge to best prepare your items (however few or many there may be!) for transit. Simply contact our team to request a free estimate for custom packing solutions. Ready to do it yourself? Check out Hilldrup’s Video Page and scroll down to watch how to safely pack your own items using Hilldrup’s best practices.

Custom Crating

Not every item in your home will fit in a standard box. So for one of a kind items, we have custom crating services. Tailored, custom crates are built by one of our experts to the required measurements in order to protect these unique items.

Items that may require custom crating include:

  • Glass and marble table tops
  • Sculptures and paintings
  • Musical instruments such as drum sets, guitars, etc.
  • Televisions
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Pool tables
  • Vehicles such as ATVs and motorbikes
  • Heavy, sharp, bulky or fragile household items
  • Specialty light fixtures like chandeliers and fragile lamps

Packing Supplies & Avoiding Mishaps

Hilldrup offers a variety of sizes and types of moving boxes that are 100% recyclable. Committed to upholding our sustainable practices, Hilldrup offers debris removal services to pick up any moving-related supplies from your residence and recycle them. It’s important to remember that not every moving material is designed to uphold any and all items in your home. That’s why Hilldrup knows the importance of explaining how to best prepare items for a move and avoid mishaps before they have a chance to happen. Check out our blog post, How to Move Delicate and Complex Furniture for a list of examples and solutions for moving furniture items before getting started. And if you’re considering using storage bins for your move, be sure to read this post first!

Let the experts at Hilldrup assist with as much or as little of your packing and crating needs as you would prefer! With over a century of service, there’s nothing that Hilldrup hasn’t prepped to move. Call us today to learn how we can help.

Hilldrup service team member crates a household goods item for a move.