White Glove Receiving & Delivery

Hilldrup Handles Your Receiving and Delivery (RAD) Needs with Ease

Reliable Receiving and Delivery (RAD) services are for everyone – whether you’re an interior designer looking for your business or are working on a project in your own home! For over a century, Hilldrup has provided our clients the capacity and customized receiving and delivery options for which they’ve been looking. Maybe your renovation isn’t yet complete and you need to store newly ordered items until your home is ready. Or maybe you need someone to receive your items and carefully inspect them because you aren’t home. Either way, Hilldrup has you covered!

While some may see shipping through a mail or freight carrier as a simpler option, there’s no doubt that when it comes to delivering your most precious items and furniture (including large, bulky, valuable or fragile goods), Hilldrup is the trusted name to call.

Avoid headaches, over-paying and needing to track your items with multiple vendors by working with Hilldrup – we take the stress out of the process! Whether your entire household’s worth of belongings is being shipped, or just one or two items for a client, Hilldrup’s commitment to outstanding quality and service remains the same.


Every item that Hilldrup receives is unpacked and inspected by our expert receiving team. If any damage is found, Hilldrup will document and communicate this information to you promptly and facilitate a timely solution. Treating your items as if they were our own is our promise.

Storage Services

All Hilldrup customers will be serviced through one of Hilldrup’s state-of-the-art storage facilities at one of our nine participating locations. Each of our offices and warehouses are exclusive Hilldrup property and are not shared with any other moving company or business. Just like all of Hilldrup’s storage offerings, we offer over 1.5 million square feet of storage across our locations, and each warehouse is monitored 24/7. For those temperature-sensitive items, Hilldrup is proud to provide 262,000 square feet of climate-controlled storage. No matter how large or small the items you’re looking for assistance with may be, nor how modern or antique they are, Hilldrup ensures they’re in the very best care.


When you and your family, or your business and clients, are ready, we’ll set up delivery at a time that is most convenient for you all.  Our white glove delivery service means that all deliveries will be conducted by our full-time, uniformed delivery team from our warehouse facilities. Each item will be handled carefully and delivered to its destination with the utmost care. Timely, professional service with a personalized touch is what our clients expect and deserve from our Receiving and Delivery experts.

RAD Cost Calculator

Clients can calculate their own estimate thanks to our user-friendly cost calculator. This Excel spreadsheet can offer an initial quote based on the items you plan to move or store with us. Here, you’ll be able to factor in your preferences of how many items are involved, whether or not you will need a receiving inspection, and how long you’d like for Hilldrup to store them. Download the RAD Cost Calculator here to get started!

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