Domestic Relocation

Moving support you and your employees can count on

Here at Hilldrup, we understand that relocation is about more than moving employees’ furniture to a new destination. Fortunately, we’re not just experts at moving—we can help with your move policy too.

Our client services team works with you to create a domestic relocation program that meets your company’s needs and budgets, from lump sum programs to à la carte assistance to executive level moving. Our team offers policy consultations for our corporate clients to ensure HR Managers have policies that align with what your organization needs and expects from a relocation partner.  Our policy consultation offerings include the following:

  • Policy Development
  • Cost Analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Benchmarking
  • Policy Review

All of our corporate clients also benefit from a suite of online tools to support your domestic relocation program. These offerings include web-based reports to help maximize your budget, as well as a customized employee gateway that connects employees with your relocation move policies, shipment tracking, storage options, and other critical information specific to your account.

Move Counselors, trained in the specifics of your account’s details, serve as your employees’ day-to-day contact during their entire move from move initiation to unpacking.

Without a doubt, your employees are your single most valuable asset. So when it comes to moving a top performer or bringing in a promising new hire, you want to make sure the move is the first positive experience of your employee’s new start. You want to work with experts adept at managing the complex details that come with an important move.

Contact a Corporate Relocation Specialist Near You

Ready to learn more about how we can help your company with its upcoming move? Contact our client services team, or reach out to one of our locations near you. They’ll make sure you and your company get everything it needs to successfully move to its new location.

Hilldrup Offers Domestic Relocation Services in the Following Areas