Social Media Policy

Hilldrup Social Media Rules of Engagement

These rules of engagement are the key guidelines for interactions with Hilldrup on social media.

The purpose of these guidelines is to set clear expectations when engaging with Hilldrup via social media. Our goal is to respond to or acknowledge questions within 24-48 hours. We encourage you to engage with us about your upcoming move or plans to move. We do not accept any posts containing profanity, spam, nudity, vulgarity, defamation, campaigns or services, off-topic comments, long embedded url strings, personal attacks (i.e. including the full names of our employees), threats, unsupported accusations or sensitive information. Any posts or reviews to our page that contain this type of content will be deleted, and if warranted, will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

We want to remind you that our social pages are public and can be viewed by people who do not have your best interests at heart; because of this, sharing personal information on social media can make you susceptible to spam and hacking. If you post your personal information on our social media page, you accept the responsibility and risk.

Please do not post personal information related to your move in public comments on our page; rather, we encourage you to send Hilldrup a private message or to give us a call at 703-221-7155 to discuss specifics of your move.

Finally, please remember that any communications made through social media outlets should not constitute a legal or official notice or comment.