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Hilldrup’s John Lohmeyer Featured in AMSA Podcast

The American Moving and Storage Association’s (AMSA) ProMover Podcast titled, What to Expect from Your Moving Experience, explored the most common questions and concerns that families and professionals have when it comes time for them to move. Hilldrup was thrilled to participate alongside a few of our fellow AMSA ProMover colleagues to talk about what we want to educate the public on, not only when choosing a mover, but what to expect throughout the entire move process. Hilldrup Stafford’s own John Lohmeyer, Director, Residential Sales and Agency Relations, took to the airwaves to simplify it all!

“One thing that customers are always surprised to know when they’re moving is what goes into a move and how detailed everyone needs to be to ensure the customer gets what they want, and need, out of the process,” explained John. “Moving is often one of the more stressful experiences in someone’s life so it’s important at Hilldrup that we sustain that level of trust with the customer from the very beginning.”

Topics discussed during the podcast included:

  • What should consumers expect?
  • Legally-binding paperwork required during a move
  • Virtual vs. in-home estimates
  • How customers can support their service teams/crew
  • How should I tip my service team/crew? Is it required?
  • Differentiators between local and long-distance moves and storage needs for each
  • Claims/arbitration process
  • How to recognize your mover
  • Binding vs. non-binding estimates
  • What does a full-service move mean?
  • What materials are used during a move?
  • Valuation vs. insurance

Across these topics, John explained the differences, details and pro-tips for how to have as stress-free of a move experience as possible. Interested to hear the answers our team covered? You can listen to the full recording here!

AMSA’s ProMover Podcast is a seven-episode series hosted by Rachel Peretz, Director of Marketing and Business Development for AMSA. The podcast has attracted over 160 consumers – AMSA’s highest ratings for this podcast yet! Thank you, Rachel, for having us – we loved collaborating with the AMSA team and our fellow movers! We hope the podcast continues to assist those researching a professional mover and helps provide a look into what to expect during the move process.

AMSA’s ProMover Podcast, Episode 7, uncovered the most common questions and concerns the public has when it comes time for them to move. Here, we explained and simplified the moving process so that consumers can feel more confident and prepared for their upcoming move!

John Lohmeyer, Director, Residential Sales and Agency Relations (left), joined Rachel Peretz, Director of Marketing and Business Development for AMSA (center) and Bill Paxton, Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer of the Paxton Companies (right) during the AMSA ProMover Podcast. We enjoyed being able to collaborate with our colleagues to deliver the best information and advice for those looking to move in the near future!