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Hilldrup’s Peter Meyer Participates in 2019 ELSO Workshop in Antwerp, Belgium

Recently, Hilldrup’s International team presented at the Department of State’s Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) Transportation Workshop in Antwerp, Belgium. Here, we shared our knowledge of the moving and storage industry to over 50 FSNs who participated at European Logistics Support Office’s (ELSO) workshop.

Peter Meyer, Manager, Government Services, assisted with sharing a presentation titled, International Through Government Bill of Lading (ITGBL): Carrier Perspective to the FSNs in attendance. The presentation, which included the benefits of an ITBGL program, the move process, selecting an agent, and the liability/claims process, was essential for each FSN to understand as they were within their first year of their current role with the Department of State and would be reporting to their assigned post soon. It also provided an opportunity to hear more about Hilldrup’s international capabilities and the transportation industry overall.

“During the course, we’d interview the FSNs about their posts and ask what services they may be needing – shipping an automobile, transporting items like alcohol, etc.,” explained Peter. “We want to be a resource to them as they prepare to relocate to their assigned post no matter where across the world their career takes them.”

The ELSO Workshop included a visit to the ELSO office, a tour of the Gosselin CRP Warehouse and a port tour of a local canal. With so much information to learn from Hilldrup and other move agents who participated in the ELSO Workshop, the trip concluded with a Q&A session for Peter and other industry experts to answer questions about the industry and the course’s content. The hour reserved for questions quickly turned into three thanks to the great inquiries and helpful feedback!

We were honored to be a part of the workshop and serve as a resource on moving and storage to the FSNs. Special thanks to Peter for sharing his knowledge and recommendations with the team as well!

Students learned about the transportation industry in traditional classrooms as well as through site-visits as part of the Department of State’s Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) Transportation Workshop in Antwerp, Belgium.

Over 50 Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) participated in the workshop which included a tour of the Gosselin CRP Warehouse where they could take photos and ask questions of what the moving and storage process looks like at the facility.

Students learned as much outside of the classroom as they did inside the classroom! Here, students relax after watching a shipment be loaded onto a barge, which would make its way down the canal for receiving at a new destination. 

The workshop took place in Antwerp, Belgium where our team and the FSN students could appreciate the country’s rich history and beautiful architecture when classes wrapped up for the day.

Hilldrup couldn’t have been more excited and appreciative to be a part of these FSNs’ learning experience abroad. We hoped everyone learned a lot about Hilldrup’s international offerings and the moving and storage industry overall. We wish you the best at your future posts and look forward to the opportunity to help you relocate throughout your career!