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William “Billy” Poole Wins Mayflower’s Van Operator of the Year

There’s great Van Operators and then there’s truly the best of the best – and there’s no doubt that William “Billy” Poole is regarded by not only Hilldrup as one of the very best, but by the industry as well. Billy was recently recognized during UniGroup’s 2020 Learning Conference as Mayflower’s Van Operator of the Year. From Billy’s impeccable driving record to the dedication that he’s had to the industry since his youth, Billy is truly deserving of this pinnacle award.

Coming from a family who worked in the moving industry, Billy began driving professionally 35 years ago and has since logged over 3 million miles on our nation’s highways. Not only that, but he’s done so with no serious safety infractions. Being in service to UniGroup – Mayflower for 23 years, we were honored to recruit Billy to serve as a Van Operator for Hilldrup in July of 2017. And what an incredible 32 months it has been!

Billy was named Honorable Mention Mayflower Van Operator of the Month 20 times. He was Runner-Up Mayflower Van Operator of the Month twice and won Mayflower’s Van Operator of the Month two times since starting with us.  This all resulted in him being honored at UniGroup’s Learning Conference in St. Louis as Mayflower’s Van Operator of the Year alongside his wife, Marie.

“Billy has told me on many occasions that Marie is the pillar of his strength – she is the one who guides him in everything that he does,” described Randy Rantz, Senior Vice President of Operations for Hilldrup. “His work ethic, sense of duty and how he carries his operation is second to none.”

Billy is a 1 rated Van Operator, on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being the best, in the areas of Claims, Compliance, Safety Accountability, Customer Service, and Updating and has produced just under $400,000 in total line-haul revenue in 2019 alone.

“Amongst all of those accomplishments, I think the most impressive is that out of 68 shipments – that’s 68 customers he took care – he had just a single claim filed,” said Randy. “Billy holds an incredible 0.04 claim liability. He’s truly the best of the best.”

Congratulations Billy on not only being named Hilldrup’s Van Operator of the Year, but Mayflower’s Van Operator of the Year as well! Your commitment to quality, safety and every single one of your customers is an inspiration to our organization and the industry. Job well done!

Be sure to watch Billy’s video feature, courtesy of Mayflower Transit, to hear from Billy in his own words about life on the road and what this pinnacle award means to him!