Hilldrup understands that each client, and their needs, are different. A “one-size fits all” mentality doesn’t work for your business, so it doesn’t work for us either! We want to be an extension of your organization when it comes to relocating employees – because taking care of your team is our team’s commitment.

Whether your organization functions best through a core flex model or tiered program or maybe you’re looking for assistance in determining a household goods moving policy that makes sense for your employees and work culture, Hilldrup will assist you through the benchmarking process. As a leader in the domestic and international relocation business, we support businesses – large and small – all over the globe.

Hilldrup’s menu of tailored solutions can provide what you and your organization are looking for. Hilldrup has the experience and solutions to design and benchmark relocation policies to meet each of our client’s needs. A clearly written policy helps to manage expectations, helps avoid exceptions and manages costs.

Policy Development and Account Management

The foundation of an effective relocation program is the policy that attracts and retains talent for your organization. After all, a positive relocation experience can make all the difference for how an employee views their company’s relocation policies and procedures. Hilldrup can evaluate your existing program or assist in the development of a new program. And our Relocation Specialists are happy to explain the program benefits and entitlements to your relocating employees on your organization’s behalf as well. We understand there’s a lot of moving parts, and we’re committed to taking the time to listen and explain exactly how we can help. We’ll answer all of your employees’ questions – and yours! – to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has a full understanding of offerings and perks that we offer to our clients. Supporting the relocation needs of companies across multiple sectors, we can efficiently benchmark any relocation policy to offer the most cost-effective and competitive offerings in the marketplace.

Communication and Resources for Group Moves

Communication is essential for a successful relocation and even more critical during a group move. Whether you’re moving a group of 10 (or less!) or 1,000 (or more!) employees, we provide a communication plan and discuss your budget to keep you and your employees on track for a successful group move. For your relocating employees, Hilldrup’s Client Services team will host an in-person or virtual town hall to explain the process from start to finish. Town halls for group moves are the perfect opportunity for employees to hear what their counterparts are asking and hear from Hilldrup the details on the services and solutions our team has for your employees. In addition, Hilldrup has created specific move guides for clients based on where the group move will be taking place. From the school systems and neighborhoods, to places of worship and hospitals, we can tailor our move guides to provide the information that your employees will be searching for all in one place. With group moves, we’ll always include the move plan and details regarding packing and unpacking as well. With your dedicated Client Services Manager, they’ll leave nothing for you to stress about – we have group moves of all sizes and scopes covered!

Benchmarking and Reporting

As a leader in the household goods moving industry, Hilldrup develops competitive benchmarking programs for our clients. We firmly believe in equipping our clients with the most relevant information and trends for their specific industry. In fact, Hilldrup has access to many benchmarking reports that we share with our clients through white papers, blog posts and client webinars. By consulting industry-related organizations and attending a wide variety of relocation and household goods events and conventions (including the ERC and SHRM), we are able to provide in-depth and relevant benchmarking data. Be sure to review our latest Talent Management Trends Review for a closer look at the condensed, industry-specific information we provide our client base in an easy to digest format.