Charlotte Helps with Girl Scouts Cookie Release to the Tune of 44,851 Cases

It took a team of Hilldrup employees and Girl Scouts volunteers to distribute the 44,851 cases of Girl Scouts cookies to 417 Troops across three distribution sites, including Hilldrup Charlotte's warehouse.

Charlotte warehouse with Girl Scout cookies

Thin Mints, Trefoils, Do-si-dos and Samoas.  Reading those names means everyone’s favorite time of year is here – Girl Scouts cookies are now for sale! And while Hilldrup isn’t in the cookie making and selling business, Hilldrup Charlotte certainly plays a big role in the cookie distribution business for troops in the Charlotte, NC area.

On February 5, our Charlotte office crews arrived at our warehouse at 5am to begin preparing for what would be a 12-hour, all-day cookie release extravaganza!  The cookies had been previously delivered to our Charlotte warehouse where we stored and organized the cookie cases prior to their distribution.  On the day of the distribution, our team assisted with three large releases.

There were two off-site releases – the first included a delivery of 6,807 cookie cases to Apprentice Academy High School in Monroe Country where cookies were released to 56 Girl Scouts troops.  Our second release was to the Rowan Rescue Squad in Rowan County where 8,251 cookies cases were delivered and released to 62 Girl Scouts Troops.

The largest release occurred at our Charlotte office and warehouse where 29,793 cookie cases were released to over 299 Troops!  The sheer number of vehicles, people and cookies required well-orchestrated planning to ensure the logistics of the day went off without a hitch.

Four lanes were created by our warehouse, and vehicles could be loaded on either side of the nine different pallets of cookies.  Troops came with all variety of vehicles – cars, SUVs, UHauls, vans and trailers – all with the end goal of picking up the cookies they will work so hard to sell over the coming weeks and months.  Each vehicle’s front windshield had documentation indicating the total number of each cookie case the troop needed.  Both our Hilldrup team and Girl Scout volunteers split into groups to effectively pull and prep the cookie cases, form an assembly line and load the cases into each vehicle. At the same time, we had warehouseman utilizing forklifts to replenish any pallet of cookies running low.

Cookie release day is always a busy (and exciting!) one for our team and the Girl Scouts troops.  We appreciate the help of our crew members and warehousemen, volunteers and the Girl Scouts themselves for trusting Team Hilldrup to assist with such an important and sweet job!