Destiny Landing Keeps You Moving

Hilldrup fosters a great work environment, and I think that translates to the quality of the service we provide. 

My name is Destiny Landing, and I am a Logistics Coordinator at Hilldrup. When I began my career with the company, my job at the time was to reach out to prospects to schedule surveys. Six years later, I now find myself on the Workplace Solutions side where I organize and manage client inventory as well as facilitate communications between our clients and operations team, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. I also make sure to respond as quickly as possible to support our partner agents. We value our partners and always want them to know how important they are to us — it is a privilege to assist them in servicing their customers!

Our branch has grown significantly over the years by expanding to service multiple business lines, including Final Mile, Hospitality, Logistics and large scale project management. In handling this growth, our team acts more like a family than colleagues, which helps us not only get the job done but also be there for each other professionally and personally. It’s great to know that no matter what we are going through — at work or in life — there are people that care about you and have your back. Hilldrup fosters a great work environment, and I think that translates to the quality of the service we provide.

One client story from my early days that sticks with me is that of a woman who was moving from Atlanta, Georgia, to California. Her move was part of our container program. I worked with her to sort out exact measurements so she could maximize the space and ensure all of her belongings would fit. Going the extra mile helped build trust with my client, ensured a successful move of her belongings, and helped me in turn as I better understood the size of containers and how to guide our customers when needed in the future. Later, when I became sick, this same customer learned of my illness and sent recommendations for herbal teas that might help my recovery. It was then I really knew that going the extra mile had made a lasting impact, and I’ve aimed to deliver that level of personal service with every move since.

As our branch grows and evolves to offer even more services, one thing is always the same: our heart. With pride, we keep our customers moving.