Plenty of moves, not enough drivers

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You have an employee relocating for a new position. You’ve figured out the best time to

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Tell us if this sounds familiar: You have an employee relocating for a new position. You’ve figured out the best time to schedule his or her move, but when either you or they go to schedule it, especially if it’s during the summer, that day – or even that entire week – isn’t available. This is a reality both HR managers and the relocation industry are facing, partly because of a national driver shortage that is accentuated in peak seasons. Fortunately though, there are ways to deal with this to make sure your employees can get where they’re going – when they need to be there.

What’s behind the problem?

The driver shortage isn’t limited to the relocation industry. Its effects are felt everywhere. Maybe the biggest reason is that there are more drivers retiring than there are those entering the field. Tougher regulations, such as stricter emission standards for trucks, compound the problem, which make it all the more tempting for drivers to seek employment with comparable pay elsewhere.

What is Hilldrup doing?

Hilldrup already has some of the best van operators in the business, and we’ve expanded our recruiting efforts to find even more. But we’re also aware that adding more drivers isn’t the only solution needed, especially long term. We’re constantly evaluating new technologies and alternative transportation that can help give us and our clients more flexibility during peak seasons when demand is high.

What can you do?

The general advice is to schedule your moves as soon as possible to get them on the books. And yes, that is definitely true, but as you’ve undoubtedly faced, there are many aspects of an employee’s relocation that are outside of your control. This is where working with a larger moving partner who understands your business goals and relocation needs can be invaluable.

Going into peak seasons like summer, a relocation partner can help you figure out your upcoming relocation needs and plan accordingly, and at times, find solutions for those seemingly impossible relocations request that always seem to come up.

If this past summer was a hectic one, this might be the last thing you want to think about. But the longer you work with a moving partner, the more they will be able to understand your business. Often calmer seasons like the fall are the perfect time to get a jump on the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, the driver shortage doesn’t seem to be ending in the near future, so if you’re weary of another summer trying to figure out how your employees’ belongings are going to get to their new home so they can start their job, please, let us help!