Eric Galioto Wins Mayflower Van Operator for June 2022

Eric Galioto has been recognized by Mayflower Transit as their Van Operator of the Month. Congratulations, Eric!

Eric Galioto, Mayflower's Van Operator of the Month June 2022

I love meeting new people and seeing all of the different beautiful locations while driving around the country.” – Eric Galioto

Industry veteran and Hilldrup Van Operator, Eric Galioto has earned recognition from Mayflower Transit once again! Eric has been named the winner of Mayflower’s Van Operator of the Month for June 2022, specifically for Household Goods in the East Region. His commitment to the industry for the past 30 years is a testament to his dedication to the job, and most importantly, his Hilldrup customers across the U.S.

Eric shared what he loves most about being a Van Operator saying, “I love meeting new people and seeing all of the different beautiful locations while driving around the country.”

To qualify for Van Operator of the Month, a Van Operator must meet or exceed a range of statistical criteria that encompasses the Van Operator’s performance.

To be eligible for this accolade, the Van Operator must:

  1. Be qualified in the UniGroup system, the parent company of Mayflower Transit, for the previous 12 months;
  2. Log more than 25,000 miles in the previous 12 months;
  3. Must be a 1-Rated van operator at time of selection;
  4. Earn a Safety Performance Rating (SPR) rating of at least 10,000;
  5. Have no more than 6.0 total points in VTOP, or Van Operator Total Performance, as part of an online system that keeps track of Van Operators SPR points and overall rating and
  6. Have zero Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) points in last 12 months and less than 30 CSA points for past two years.

In October 2017, Eric won Van Operator of the Month for Mayflower based on the same performance criteria. Most recently, he was recognized as a Runner-Up Van Operator of the Month for February, March and April 2019.

For Eric, of all the moves he’s led throughout his career, those assisting our veterans stand out the most. Eric explained, “I’ve moved several generals in the military, and it was an honor to serve them because they are always serving us in protecting our country.”

In thanks of his award-winning service, Eric received a certificate from Jason Jones, UniGroup Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Safety, as well as a monetary prize from both Mayflower and Hilldrup. We couldn’t be prouder! Congratulations on your continued career success, and thank you for all you do, Eric!