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The Great Indoors: How to Camp in Your House During a Move

Whether you use a moving company like Hilldrup or move “DIY style,” you’re likely to go without a few household items for

Tent under starry sky

Whether you use a moving company like Hilldrup or move “DIY style,” you’re likely to go without a few household items for a couple of days while everything is in boxes and being transported. This might sound alarming, but with a little preparation and imagination, you can turn your (nearly) empty house into an adventurous camping experience for you and your family!

Here are a few tips to help you and your family “survive the elements”:

  • Transport essential items yourself: For any move, we always recommend people pack and move must-have items themselves. This can include practical things like phone chargers and tablets to more sentimental items like photo albums and heirlooms. However, some items might not seem that essential until you’re suddenly without them. Be sure to include in this list items like toiletries, change of clothes, and toys or games if you have young children.
  • Think through bedding options: Your new home won’t have roots and rocks everywhere (we hope), but that still doesn’t mean sleeping directly on the hardwood or carpet is especially comfortable. Air mattresses can be bought relatively cheaply on Amazon these days – starting under $20 – just be sure to also get a pump so you don’t pass out from blowing it up yourself! If you don’t mind “roughing it” a bit more, a sleeping pad to put under your sleeping bag/sheets can make a world of difference.
  • Download shows and movies to watch: At least the first day or two, there’s a good chance you won’t have the internet connection set up. Fortunately, streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon now allow you to download videos to watch offline – saving you a lot of data on your cellular plan, so long as you download them at your old home before you disconnect the WIFI. After a long day of travel and moving, crashing on an air mattress and watching your favorite show or movie can be the best way to close out the day.
  • Get creative: Not surprisingly, Pinterest is loaded with indoor camping ideas. Granted, a few of these require items that probably are in a box somewhere, but these can go a long way toward turning your sparse living situation into the “great indoors.”

Much like actual camping, the more prepared you are, the more you can enjoy your move – even if your new home feels more like the wilderness than anything else!