Hilldrup Assists Georgetown University Students Amongst COVID-19

As concerns for COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, continues to impact the nation, it has left university students tasked with leaving

Two movers use a lift gate to put items into a truck

As concerns for COVID-19, otherwise known as the coronavirus, continues to impact the nation, it has left university students tasked with leaving their campus communities and transitioning to safer, more permanent residences. Recently, Hilldrup has been proud to support the students and families of Georgetown University with efforts to pack, move, and either store or deliver their personal items during this unprecedented time.

One of the ways that Hilldrup has been able to provide move assistance to students and families is through providing the packing materials necessary to make the transition as quick and efficient as possible. From boxes to packing tape, and from our professionals to our fleet of trucks, we’re pleased to provide the tools necessary to ensure students can transition out of their dorms or apartments as soon as possible and return home.

Hilldrup also understands that for many students, returning back to campus to pack and take their belongings simply isn’t a possibility. Whether based on travel challenges or complying with critical social distancing measures, retuning to campus simply is not likely or possible for many students. Hilldrup has been helping Georgetown University pack and store the belongings in students’ residences so that these personal items can be stored in our warehouse facilities until a later, safer time for them to access the belongings, even up until the start of next year’s academic year.

For students that must stay on campus, Hilldrup has been providing move solutions to bring their items from a dorm room to a safer, off-campus residence. Our service teams are able to pack, load and deliver at a temporary or permanent residence to ensure that each student has the options and solutions they’re looking for.

“It’s been a great team effort ensuring that Georgetown University students are being relocated with their belongings safely and easily,” said Charlie S. McDaniel, Director, Logistics Services. “We’re pleased to provide the move support and solutions to assist during this challenging time.”

With 10 locations throughout the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States, Hilldrup is ready to help! Our team can:

  • Deliver boxes for students to use to pack their dorms and apartments
  • Provide on-site labor to assist students in moving out
  • Store all items in our secure facilities until Fall semester begins
  • Offer full service moving options for students wanting their dorms or apartments items packed and shipped home
  • Provide on-campus moving for students staying on campus and needing to be relocated to new residences

We know this is an unprecedented time and are doing our part to keep the community safe while providing the services Georgetown and other university and businesses need at this time to transition their workforces and students home.

To learn more about higher education moves, read Hilldrup’s Complete Higher Education Move Guide. Or contact us today about your immediate move needs to see how we can help during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis!