Hilldrup Move Coordinators Certified and Recognized by UniGroup

We are proud of the certifications of many of our Move Coordinators, recognizing those who are trained in delivering outstanding customer service.

Hilldrup Atlanta's office building in Dacula, GA

Hilldrup is excited to share that many of our Hilldrup Move Coordinators were certified by UniGroup for 2021. In addition, several Move Coordinators were honored with Silver, Gold and one Platinum certification.

The certification program was created as a way to recognize those who work specifically with United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit for their customers’ moves and consistently provide outstanding service.

The requirement for certification in 2021 included completing a series of professional courses and reviewing standards of performance required for each Move Coordinator. Those who surpass a threshold score on customer service surveys are eligible for consideration of Silver, Gold or Platinum levels of certification. We’re honored that so many Move Coordinators across so many of our branches earned certification and were recognized by UniGroup with top accolades for their outstanding job performance.

Please join us in congratulating the coordinators below who earned recognition in the following categories!

2021 Certified United and Mayflower Move Coordinators

  • Christina Dunklin, Orlando
  • Destiny Landing, Atlanta
  • Elena Medeiros, Stafford
  • James Anderson, Stafford
  • Kathleen Toney, Atlanta
  • Leslie Dobson, Stafford
  • Nichole Gibson, Stafford
  • Venus Harris, Durham

2021 United and Mayflower Silver Certification

  • Angela Costa, Richmond
  • Jenny Craig, Greenville
  • Sharon Nichols, Richmond

2021 United and Mayflower Gold Certification

  • Barbara Schehl, Stafford
  • Christina Dunklin, Orlando
  • Destiny Landing, Atlanta
  • Diane Johnson, Stafford
  • Janyce Perry, Atlanta
  • Jessica Douglass, Stafford
  • Lillian Niskala, Stafford
  • Maria Piekarski, Stafford
  • Sandra Schaaf, Stafford

2021 United and Mayflower Platinum Certification

  • Jenny Craig, Greenville


Pursuing educational opportunities, continuing our training and demonstrating unwavering commitment to our customers’ moves allows our team to remain steadfast in our vision to, Be the best moving services company, period. We’re thankful for each of our Move Coordinators and the critical role they play in supporting our customers’ moves. Congratulations to all who were recognized for these accolades!