Hilldrup Move-Up Fund Supports 516 Project’s Local Home Repair Needs

Hilldrup is pleased to support construction ministry and nonprofit, 516 Project with their inspiring work in our communities.

Volunteers with the 516 Project gathered around a worktruck.

Inspired by their outstanding work to bring hope to our local communities, Hilldrup is one of 516 Project’s newest supporters. Through the Hilldrup Move-Up Fund, and our partnership with The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region (CFRR), we were pleased to approve of a grant request by and for the 516 Project. A Christian-based non-profit construction ministry, the 516 Project’s volunteers and leaders have been positively impacting the lives and livelihoods of countless community members in three major ways: Local Home Repair, Disaster Response and Food Ministry.

Helping to manage and distribute charitable giving throughout Fredericksburg and the surrounding area, CFRR presented 516 Project’s grant request to Hilldrup in spring 2023. We were impressed and inspired by the Project’s mission to provide home repairs, including handicap access, to those they serve and knew that their mission was one that perfectly aligned with that of the Hilldrup Move-Up Fund: to empower individuals and provide a “hand up” to those needing a more favorable living situation.

“The 516 Project’s work is how we envision the Hilldrup Move-Up Fund helping to transform lives of those throughout the community who need a hand-up,” shared Jordan McDaniel Hinkebein, Marketing Director. “As a moving and storage company, Hilldrup understands the importance of home and ensuring that it’s a place where you feel safe, secure and where you can truly thrive.”

Our grant of $3,766 to 516 Project is a sum that covers the repair costs for approximately two households in need. The repairs and upgrades are made possible specifically for the elderly, frail, disabled, those who are veterans, as well as those who are socially isolated or coping with physical or mental health challenges. The maintenance work for these individuals’ homes focuses on keeping the individuals safe, secure and comfortable to give them a renewed sense of hope and security.

“This funding will allow us to build access to hope by building wheelchair ramps and handicap accessible bathrooms and other essential home repairs for families in need,” explained Carl Pates, 516 Project Vice President and Board Member.  “We are proud to be community partners with a company that prides itself in cultivating relationships with local organizations and amplifying their impacts.”

We look forward to sharing more about how The Hilldrup Move-Up Fund’s grant has specifically impacted our local community in the near future!

“Thank you so much for your grant – this will have a huge impact on several families,” shared Carl.


For more information on how to support the 516 Project financially or through volunteering, please visit their website here.

A volunteer with the 516 Project assists with a home upgrade project.

Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and sponsors, the 516 Project’s work is making a life-changing impact on those in the community. Their efforts to provide home repairs and handicap-access is making homes safe, accessible and a true sanctuary for those in need!

Volunteers with the 516 Project help install a handicap ramp to a home in the local area.

We’re thrilled that the Hilldrup Move-Up Fund will provide the financial requirements needed to ensure home repair and upgrade projects, like those pictured above, are made possible for individuals in the greater Rappahannock River Region. We look forward to sharing more information soon!