Hilldrup Named UniGroup’s 2023 Member of the Year

Congratulations to Team Hilldrup for winning this prestigious honor amongst more than 200 member agents!

Hilldrup's Member of the Year Award 2023

Congratulations to Team Hilldrup for being named UniGroup’s 2023 Member of the Year! We were honored to be recognized out of more than 200 member agents throughout the UniGroup network for achieving the enterprise’s highest standards of excellence.

The Member of the Year Award measures critical data, which impacts relocating customers as well as UniGroup, such as on-time delivery, claims ratio, revenue growth and collaboration within the network to exceed customer expectations.

Jason Mills, President of UniGroup, shared, “The Hilldrup team members across their United and Mayflower locations have achieved outstanding scores in the primary qualifying areas of customer satisfaction, quality and safety, and have high levels of adoption of our differentiated technology platforms. They collaborate with UniGroup Home Office teams and are willing to go the extra mile to take care of customers. They are truly team players, often partnering in pilot programs and sharing feedback on key initiatives.”

Hilldrup President and CEO, Charles W. McDaniel accepted the award during UniGroup’s Shareholders Meeting.

“Hilldrup has been a proud member of UniGroup for nearly six decades, during which time, we’ve grown and expanded thanks to their support and guidance, and in return, we’ve always sought to help the enterprise and our fellow UniGroup agents any way we can,” said Charles W. McDaniel. “It’s an immense honor to receive this award, which recognizes the ways in which Hilldrup has successfully met our commitment to on-time delivery, low claims and high revenue. This award is truly a testament to all who ensure Hilldrup’s success.”

Hilldrup’s success starts and ends with our company’s simple but powerful vision to be the best moving services company, period. We are so thankful for our customers and partners for their trust in us and congratulations to each of Hilldrup’s professionals who make our success possible!