Hilldrup Participates in Community Helper: Show & Tell Day

We loved the opportunity to share more about what we do and how we help people move all over the world with a local class of young students.

A student at FA looks at a toy truck of a Hilldrup tractor trailer

Whether it’s moving household goods across town or assisting large-scale businesses with relocating their offices, Hilldrup certainly knows how to lend a hand. That’s why we were excited and eager to participate in Fredericksburg Academy’s Community Helper: Show & Tell Day! The opportunity to show local students what Hilldrup does and how we help people and businesses across the Fredericksburg area and beyond was a fun way to educate students about the moving and storage industry.

Hilldrup Stafford’s Vitaly Willis, Workplace Solutions Account Manager, was selected to lead a presentation to his daughter’s Junior Kindergarten class to share about his role and how Hilldrup helps move people and businesses to and from the area.

“We discussed that Hilldrup helps people move their homes, apartments, offices, universities, restaurants and so much more,” explained Vitaly. “The kids had a lot of questions about what additional schooling you need to drive a truck and how a move actually takes place.”

We loved being able to share about what we love to do every day: helping people move safely, on time and within budget!

“I brought in a replica Hilldrup truck to pass around to show the kids – it was a big hit! – as well as a move crate to show how packing for a workplace move is done,” he shared. “And of course, we had Hilldrup bags with different animal themes to give away to the kids as well.”

We really appreciated being able to share a bit more about who we are and what we do with these students. Who knows – maybe they’ll be leaders at Hilldrup one day! Thank you Vitaly for representing Hilldrup and sharing how we truly keep our community moving. Special thank you to Fredericksburg Academy for having us!

Vitaly Willis at Fredericksburg Academy's Show and Tell event representing Hilldrup

At Fredericksburg Academy, Vitaly Willis, Workplace Solutions Account Manager, gives a presentation – and some cool Hilldrup goodie bags! – to a Junior Kindergarten class at the school. We were excited to share more about our company and what we do with these students!

A student gets a closer look at a toy truck modeled after Hilldrup's fleet.

A student gets a closer look at how Hilldrup’s cabs and trailers work together to move our customers’ belongings all over the country!

A young student studies a toy truck.

We’re so glad Vitaly’s presentation – and the toy trucks! – were a major hit as part of Hilldrup’s participation in Fredericksburg Academy’s Community Helpers: Show & Tell Day. We had a lot of fun!