Hilldrup Sponsors Stafford Hospital’s Cabin Fever 5K

Employees from across our organization laced up their sneakers to represent Hilldrup during Stafford Hospital's virtual Cabin Fever 5K event.

Hilldrup participants of the 2022 Stafford 5K event.

On your mark, get set – GO! Hilldrup was once again on the move as we sponsored and participated in Stafford Hospital’s Cabin Fever 5K from April 8-17 for their virtual event. Since we were able to complete the 5K virtually, we were excited to have employees across our organization be able to participate in this year’s event.

The Stafford 5K, which benefits the Stafford Hospital Foundation, specifically helps to fund Stafford Hospital’s programs, services and equipment needs, as well as unique needs resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our healthcare workers have certainly gone the distance, especially since 2020, so we were proud to run (or walk) in support of them and Stafford Hospital!

Thank you to our participants this year, who included:

  • Tim Licata, Director, Operations – Stafford
  • Heather Coleman, International Bill & Revenue Analyst
  • Bobbi Winfield, Move Coordinator
  • Felicia Festa, Move Coordinator
  • Leslie Tanner, Senior Administrative Assistant, Customer Assistance
  • James Anderson, Move Coordinator
  • Ashley Lamb, Team Lead, International Customer Experience
  • Ed Haeussler, VP and General Manager, Hilldrup Atlanta
  • Toni Mohrman, Bill/Order Processor

Thank you to all who took part in this year’s 5K event, and we look forward to supporting this cause again!

Heather Coleman and her family.

Heather Coleman, International Bill and Revenue Analyst, and her family, enjoyed completing the 5K on Fredericksburg’s Heritage Trail by the Rappahannock River.

James Anderson participates in virtual 5K event.

James Anderson, Move Coordinator, takes a quick photo while completing his 5K – we appreciate everyone getting outside to support this great community event!

Leslie Tanner completes the Stafford Hospital 5K.

Leslie Tanner, Senior Administrative Assistant – Customer Assistance, crosses the “finish line” as part of completing this year’s Cabin Fever 5K. Despite the event being virtual, participants were given a running bib, event t-shirt and even a medal for completing the run/walk!

Toni Mohrman completes the Stafford Hospital 5K with her daughter and grandson.

Toni Mohrman, Bill/Order Processor, participates in this year’s 5K event with her daughter and grandson. We loved being able to get outside with friends and family to complete the virtual event!

Ed Haeussler's tracked time during the virtual 5K event.

In registering for the virtual event, participants could track their time, distance and even their placement in the race thanks to the RaceJoy app!