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Intern Night at Washington Nationals Park

Several Hilldrup employees and interns enjoyed Intern Night at Nationals Park on July 14.

Team Hilldrup at Intern Night at Washington Nationals Stadium

On July 14, Team Hilldrup was in the stands of Nationals Park cheering on the Washington Nationals as part of the ballpark’s Intern Night! The annual event invites college and grad students who are interning throughout D.C. and its surrounding areas to a fun night at the ballpark. Hilldrup’s 2022 interns, unique from our seasonal office associates, specifically include Collin Stubbs and Nicole Kuehn!

Collin Stubbs, who studies at Christopher Newport University, is our Sales and Client Services Intern, and Nicole Kuehn, who is studying at Virginia Tech, is our Logistics Intern, both working at Hilldrup’s Corporate Headquarters for the summer. They joined fellow Hilldrup employees for a quick bite of dinner before heading over to cheer on the Washington Nationals who faced the Atlanta Braves. We were excited to get together to have a fun, social experience for our hardworking interns outside of the office. Intern Night was the perfect way to do just that!

As our peak moving season continues into late summer, we’re grateful to our interns for all they do to support our teams during our busiest time of year. As part of their internship with us, interns work on projects that both assist Hilldrup and further form the knowledge and experience they have with the coursework and subjects they’re studying in school. We’re excited to be a part of our intern’s education outside of the classroom and support them as they prepare for their professional endeavors post-graduation.

We look forward to the opportunity to host future events with our interns and our seasonal associates to come!


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Team Hilldrup at Intern Night at Washington Nationals Stadium

Team Hilldrup participated in Intern Night at Nationals Park, including (from closest to furthest): Remus Boxley, Senior Vice President of HR; MacKenzie Pope, Sr. Human Resources Business Partner; Eileen Williams, Vice President, International; Nicole Kuehn, Logistics Intern; Collin Stubbs, Sales and Client Services Intern; and Charlie McDaniel, Sr. Director, Logistics Services. We enjoyed getting together outside of the office for a fun night that included watching the Washington Nationals at home!