Jason Kibbe Honored as United’s Van Operator of the Month for June 2023

Congratulations to Jason who was honored with United Van Lines’ national accolade!

Hilldrup Van Operator, Jason Kibbe

We’re thrilled to share that Jason Kibbe has been recognized as a Winner of Van Operator of the Month by United Van Lines for June 2023! Jason has been a critical member of Team Hilldrup for 12 years, ensuring service excellence, safety and quality both on and off the road. Jason was specifically recognized as the winning Van Operator for the Great Lakes/Southeast region.

Jason knows that the secret to being a successful Van Operator is simple. As he described, it’s all about providing professional service and stress-free moves. Of course, the metrics needed to qualify and win Van Operator of the Month is no small feat!

To qualify for Van Operator of the Month, a Van Operator must meet or exceed a range of statistical criteria that encompasses the Van Operator’s performance.

To be eligible for this accolade, the Van Operator must:

  1. Be qualified in the UniGroup system, the parent company of Mayflower Transit, for the previous 12 months;
  2. Log more than 25,000 miles in the previous 12 months;
  3. Must be a 1-Rated van operator at time of selection;
  4. Earn a Safety Performance Rating (SPR) rating of at least 10,000;
  5. Have no more than 6.0 total points in VTOP, or Van Operator Total Performance, as part of an online system that keeps track of Van Operators SPR points and overall rating and
  6. Have zero Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) points in last 12 months and less than 30 CSA points for past two years.

When asked what Jason’s favorite part about being a Van Operator is, he shared, “Meeting interesting people and the experience of something new each day!”


We’re grateful for Jason’s unwavering commitment and the pride that he takes in delivering the best moving services to his customers all over! Congratulations on this well-deserved accolade, Jason!

Hilldrup Van Operator, Jason Kibbe

With 12 years of experience serving Hilldrup customers, Jason Kibbe has once again been recognized by United Van Lines for his outstanding commitment to service, quality and safety. Congratulations Jason for winning United’s Van Operator of the Month for June 2023!