Noel Swank, Capitol Heights’ Forklift Operator, Retires from Hilldrup

Congratulations to Hilldrup Capitol Heights' Noel Swank on his recent retirement! Noel has worked in the industry since 1977 and served as a professional Forklift Operator with us.

Noel Swank and the Capitol Heights team

Professional, dedicated and a team-player through and through – Hilldrup Capitol Heights’ Noel Swank has been an essential part of our Operations team. Noel, who served as a Forklift Operator for Hilldrup since 2018, retired at the end of April. He first worked at our Forestville branch when it was acquired by Hilldrup from Suddath and later joined our Capitol Heights team. Noel has been working in the industry since he first joined the workforce in 1977 and has been an integral part of keeping Hilldrup’s teams and customers moving throughout his career with us.


Recently, we hosted a retirement luncheon for Noel with his fellow team members in Capitol Heights. There, we caught up with Noel to talk about his career, what advice he’d offer and how he plans to enjoy his retirement!


Hilldrup: Congratulations, Noel! Can you share with us a bit about your work experience throughout the years and how you’ve made a career within the industry?

Noel: I started working in the moving and storage industry once I finished high school in 1977. Over the years, I worked for many moving companies, such as Bed Ball, Colonial, Interstate, Security, Western Express, Suddath and finally, Hilldrup. I love working in this industry because you get to meet all different types of people and see how much customers appreciate the services you provide for them. This is why it was easy for me to make a career in this industry.


H: How is Hilldrup different than other moving companies you’ve worked with?

N: Hilldrup is very generous and the management team treats everyone fairly and listens to what they have to say. Hilldrup is a very stable company, which always made me feel secure working here. Rules and regulations are extremely important in the moving and storage industry and Hilldrup always does the right thing.


H: What will you miss most about working at Hilldrup?

N: From the start, I have always felt welcome at Hilldrup. The management team and my coworkers treat me with respect and kindness. I am going to miss waking up each morning and looking forward to going to work!


H: What advice would you give to someone who is just now joining the industry?

N: Listen to your coworkers who have more experience than you. Pay attention, learn from them and don’t get upset if they tell you a better way to do something. Be respectful, work hard, and be helpful and honest in everything you do.


H: What are your retirement plans?

N: I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with my family, especially my wife. Hopefully I can work part-time back at Hilldrup in the near future!


Congratulations, Noel! Thank you for all you’ve done for Hilldrup and our customers. We wish you the very best in your retirement!


Noel Swank on  a forklift

Congratulations to Hilldrup Capitol Heights’ Forklift Operator, Noel Swank, on his recent retirement! Noel has delivered quality service with unparalleled safety and unwavering commitment throughout his industry career, which began in 1977.

Noel Swank and the Capitol Heights team

Noel was gifted a signed photo of Hilldrup’s fleet and facility from our Capitol Heights team for his retirement. From left to right of Hilldrup Capitol Heights team is, Matt Dodson, VP/GM; Noel Swank, Forklift Operator; Eddie Shifflet, Warehouse Manager; Richard Snyder, Operations Manager; and Rob Granville, Local Dispatcher.