Remus Boxley Featured on Fredericksburg Chamber’s Distill It! Panel

Remus Boxley, SVP, Human Resources, shared his professional insight when it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent.

Remus with colleagues at the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce's Distill It event

Sharing challenges that employers are facing today and in the near future was right up our alley! Recently, Hilldrup’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Remus Boxley, participated on a panel as part of an in-person event hosted by the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce. The event, titled Distill It!, focused on the theme of “getting to the bottom of the barrel” to talk about issues facing the region’s largest and most successful organizations.

Taking place at A. Smith Bowman Distillery in Fredericksburg, the event welcomed business leaders across the local area to enjoy appetizers, drinks and music while gaining insight from those who are committed to seeing businesses and professionals thrive.

Remus joined fellow panelists where each discussed a topic that is impacting their organization. Specifically, Remus shared his perspective on the two over-arching issues that HR professionals are facing today: 1) recruiting top talent, and 2) retaining those individuals. Particularly in 2022, where the world is experiencing the most competitive labor market it’s seen in decades, a commitment to being an employer of choice is essential for businesses. Remus touched on trends such as the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, Ghosting and increasing employee expectations (culture, pay, benefits, career progression)—each which has given recruiting and retaining employees an even greater focus.

The topics, challenges and solutions shared by our colleagues as part of the Distill It! event were both timely and insightful. We appreciate being a part of these important conversations, and special thank you to the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce for making this event possible!


Photo by: Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce