The Benefits of Incorporating Childcare Assistance into Your Relocation Policy

As employee relocations are on the rise, companies can ease the transition by providing holistic family assistance through a comprehensive benefits package.

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Corporate relocations and group moves are seeing a resurgence after years of companies keeping those plans on pause during the pandemic. Though, for families with young children, the complexity of uprooting lives presents a unique set of challenges – something that shouldn’t be overlooked when developing relocation benefits packages.

We’ve outlined several key considerations around the impact childcare accommodations can have on a successful employee relocation, innovative ways companies can support staff and their families during the transition and why a more holistic approach to relocation packages is necessary.

How Employee Relocations Can Impact Young Families

Organizations looking to expand operations or move offices to another state better suited for their current needs often means a life-altering mandate for employees: relocate to maintain your job. While this can be an exciting opportunity for an employee, it can also be a significant stressor – particularly if there is a whole family unit involved.

Relocation packages continue to evolve as businesses look to cater to their employees’ unique needs. What traditionally consisted of a lump sum for moving fees now requires a more tailored and holistic approach. This shift can yield significant benefits for companies as well: employee productivity and commitment dramatically improve when they feel supported and cared for.

Addressing Childcare in Relocation Packages

When it comes to assisting relocating employees with young kids, it’s critical HR professionals understand how childcare can be the underpinning of a successful (or unsuccessful) relocation.

If there are not adequate options for childcare or a path forward to finding accommodations, this might be the most pressing obstacle for employees considering relocation. Company support in the form of relocation benefits can play a critical role in providing your employees (and their families) peace of mind, so, when the time comes, they are ready to focus on the job at hand.

Childcare Accommodations to Consider

Navigating the labyrinth of childcare options in an unfamiliar city demands a methodical approach. From assisting with initial research to offering financial and/or tailored support, companies can help families tackle the big questions that come with this new adventure.

  1. Provide resources: A supportive HR team is a proactive one. It creates toolkits for each family’s unique relocation scenarios, providing guides on local childcare facilities and schools in the area. Connecting the family with contacts and allowing time for personal site visits can help provide a tangible feel while considering these institutions.
  2. Bridge connection to the community: You should encourage employees to tap into local community networks where childcare sharing and support is transparent and coming from other parents in the area. Share any Facebook/Reddit groups or NextDoor communities that may be relevant or helpful as they make the transition.
  3. Advise on locations & commutes: While you can’t dictate exactly where your employees choose to live, you can give them guidance on average commute times to your office from various parts of town. A five-mile drive in one city may be 15 minutes and more than an hour in another. Providing a list of reputable daycares in popular neighborhoods and near your office can help them make an informed decision to alleviate drop-off and pickup stressors down the road.
  4. Be flexible during the transition: Daycare waitlists can easily be up to a year (or longer). You may need an employee to move and start work far sooner than their child is off a waitlist. If that’s the case, try to be lenient with work-from-home accommodations.
  5. Offer financial support: Because your employees may need to go ahead and get on the waitlist for multiple care providers before they’re able to tour them, they may be accruing several one-time registration fees. A reimbursement benefit can help offset this expense, or you may consider a larger investment, such as a stipend to supplement short-term or long-term coverage.
  6. Build on Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Many employers already offer EAPs, which is prime for expanding to cover childcare. Programs can offer tailored support, from financial assistance to counseling services, for families settling into a new childcare routine.

The Benefits of Supporting Employee Families in Relocation

The secret to seamless relocations lies in recognizing the family unit’s holistic needs and proactively integrating those needs into company support structures. Efforts to streamline childcare during relocations act as investments in human capital, directly impacting employee morale, retention and productivity.

Employers are beginning to understand the simple equation behind investing in families. When a child is well-cared for, their parents can be more present in their professional lives. It’s a surefire win for companies looking to retain and attract top talent in a competitive market.

Hilldrup is well equipped to handle the logistics behind any relocation. We have the team and expertise to relocate your employees and their families with ease – wherever in the world their job may take them. Contact us today to learn more!