One Move, Two Moves, I Move, You Move – Trailing Spouses

In the world of employee relocation, when families move, it’s more common than you think for them to do so in phases.

In the world of employee relocation, when families move, it’s more common than you think for them to do so in phases. The start date at a new job might require one to move before all the packing and logistics are finalized, or if it’s during the school year, one of the parents might want to stay behind so the children can finish out the school year.

Whatever the reason, moving in phases is difficult on couples and families because while the leading spouse is concerned with starting the new job, the trailing spouse is usually left managing the details. Here at Hilldrup, we want to provide trailing spouses with the resources to make that process easier.

Something to consider:

  • CityPointe: We recently covered the benefits of CityPointe on the blog, but it’s worth mentioning again that the program helps with some of the most stressful aspects of moving –selling your old home and buying a new one. CityPointe helps you identify local realtors best suited for your situation, and who can lend a hand to the trailing spouse. It also provides temporary housing, which gives the leading spouse a comfortable place to land quickly without committing to anything long-term while they get situated in the new area.

As any married couple can attest, the leading spouse’s job performance is going to be impacted by the stress of his or her significant other, who is left to handle the bulk of the move single-handedly. The easier and faster the process, the more attentive and content the leading spouse will be with his or her new job.

Lastly, depending on how long the lag is between moves, it’s also important to consider how to acclimate the newly arrived spouse to the area. Usually, whoever arrived earlier for a new job has already done some exploring and has work to keep him or her occupied. Whether it be a job, hobby or organizing the new home, it’s important for the other spouse to find their own place in the new town. If you’re stuck on where to start, CityPointe also offers neighborhood and city information to point you in the right direction.

If you find yourself needing help with a move, or want to give your relocating employee’s spouse a hand, contact a Hilldrup representative who can help navigate the process.