Why you shouldn’t trust an instant online move quote

It’s virtually impossible to accurately quote a move without a visual consultation. Still, some companies do just that, often with a too-good-to-be-true price. We can provide a convenient virtual survey to ensure accuracy.

Person sitting at computer about to buy something with their credit card

“There are good movers, and there are not-so-good movers. No one sets out to hire the latter, but finding a reputable one, like Hilldrup Mayflower, is easier said than done. Organizations and websites such as the Better Business Bureau, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and movingscam.com are free and easy ways to vet moving companies to protect you, your family and your belongings.

Why is it so important to hire a reputable mover? To start with, some companies go beyond being a “bad mover” and engage in criminal behavior. These are fraudulent internet move brokers, also called rogue movers. Every so often, there will be a news story of individuals falling victim to these groups.

The key distinction is that these companies are brokers and not carriers. Simply, they don’t own a single truck, and while they do line up a carrier for you, the “deposits” you paid don’t go to the actual mover. They quote a lower-than-average binding price for the move, but then when moving day comes, an entirely different company arrives, loads your belongings and then charges a significantly higher amount – literally holding your belongings for ransom because they are now on their truck.

Even if these stories end on a happy note with the family getting their belongings back, it still isn’t without a considerable amount of time, stress and frustration. MoveRescue is a service that aids individuals who’ve fallen victim to rogue movers by providing the tools and knowledge to get their possessions back from these criminals.

Still, there are several tips to follow to help ensure you don’t find yourself in this situation and instead select a trusted, reputable mover.

Be wary of quotes without an on-site consultation

It’s virtually impossible to get an accurate move quote without a visual estimate – either in person or with a virtual survey via a video chat application. The items in your home are entirely different than your neighbor’s, even if you have the same floor plan. Any company that offers an instant quote without ever coming over to take a look at your home will likely lowball you on the front end to pique your interest and mark up the actual price once the move is complete.

Moving is a costly affair, and it’s understandable to try and save where you can. If a price seems too good to be true, do some research to see if that’s actually the case.

Background checks and uniforms for movers

It can be unsettling to let complete strangers into your home, who then pack up all your possessions and take everything away. Rest assured when working with Hilldrup Mayflower, the movers who knock on your door have passed a background check and drug test and have undergone extensive training on how best to package your belongings. You can also expect them to be in uniform to relieve any concerns of whether they’re from a different company.

We pride ourselves in hiring people who treat you and your family like they would their own. More than a few of our van operators, the individuals who oversee the packing, loading and unloading of your move, have won national awards for their impeccable service.

Consult the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)

AMSA is the national trade association for the moving industry, and its website – www.moving.org – has extensive information about what to do before a move and how to find a legitimate moving company. Of course, we’d just recommend calling Hilldrup Mayflower!

When it comes time to find a service provider for just about anything these days, most people’s first move is to look online. Not that this is a bad strategy, but when it comes to moving, it’s important to be aware of potential fraudulent internet move brokers. Like any relationship, you need to be able to trust the organization that is going to temporarily oversee control of your possessions in a move. When starting from scratch, developing this kind of trust can be difficult.

If you need help with a move, give us a call we’ve been assisting families begin the next chapter in their lives for more than a century. At Hilldrup Mayflower, we make it clear what customers can expect from us. Our Customer Bill of Rights promises things like award-winning customer service, on-time and on-budget moving solutions and guaranteed customer satisfaction, and our 115 years of operation is a testament to how seriously we take those promises.