How long do I have to file a claim?

Depending on your relocation, there are different claim filing deadlines. Please contact your move counselor to determine how long you have to file your claim after delivery since various Federal and State rules may apply.

Can I discard of the boxes and still file a claim?

We prefer you save the boxes so we can determine if there was carton damage, which assists us in the claim process. It is OK however if you need to discard them and it will not affect your claim settlement. It is helpful if you document on the claim form if there was carton damage.

Can I file a claim online?

Absolutely! Here’s how you can submit a claim on our website.

  • Go to Hilldrup website:
  • Go to the top of the page and hover over Resources.
  • Find the page labeled Claim Form.
  • Once you select the Claim Form Tab, this will bring you to the page to start. inputting information to submit your claim.

Do I have to list all of my damages at the time of delivery?

You must list any vehicle damage, property damage or missing items at the time of the delivery in order to file a claim. If you have damages to your belongings, you will need to include these items on your claim form. You cannot dispose of the item or attempt a repair until the claim is settled.

What should I do in the event of a claim or damaged item?

  • First, bring the damage to the packers’ or driver’s attention. Second, you should contact the move counselor who is handling your move and make them aware of the issue. You can fill out a claim form on our website.
  • The following information will be needed when filing your claim for damages:
    • Inventory tag number
    • Description/name of the item (including brand name)
    • The nature and extent of damage, or if the item is missing
    • The original cost of the item
    • The year that item was purchased
    • The value that you are placing on the item/the amount that you are claiming
    • Important: Do not discard any item – including any packaging – that is damaged until a representative has had the opportunity to inspect the items. Failure to have items available for inspection by a 3rd party contracted by the van line could result in the denial of the claim.