How will you protect our new offices?

We place Masonite, a special hardboard, on the floors, corner protectors on door frames, and corrugated cardboard along the walls.

Will you talk to building management about the move?

Yes, we will help coordinate your project and arrange for access to loading docks, elevators, entrances and exits. A certificate of insurance for origin and destination will be created per their requirements.

We have classified material to move, how do you deal with secure files?

Working with your security staff, our move team establishes a schedule to move classified material meeting even the most stringent chain of custody requirements. Normally, “line of sight” monitoring of the move, together with your personnel accompanying the sealed, locked trucks, is arranged.

Can you help us pack our offices?

Hilldrup offers free common area packing (this includes marketing areas, break rooms, supply closets, etc). We will fully discuss packing, explaining your responsibility, our responsibilities, and the materials, equipment and procedures involved. We also outline our labeling system: discussing color-coding, room diagrams, directional placards, preparing sensitive or fragile items for shipment, and identifying personal property. Written packing and labeling instructions are provided to aid verbal explanation.

Is it more expensive to move after-hours?

No, it’s actually cheaper. We do charge more on an hourly basis, but the efficiency of not competing for loading space and elevators keeps the cost down.

Can you move us after business hours or over the weekend?

We provide moving services 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to ensure your business’ optimum operations.

Do you have storage?

Yes, we have climate controlled, open floor and racked space available.

Can you help with moving our existing systems (modular) furniture?

Hilldrup is highly trained in the assembly and disassembly of all office furniture. Each office move team arrives with the necessary tools and equipment to safely disassemble, label, and assemble modular furniture. Hilldrup is able to reconfigure modular furniture to fit your new work-space needs.

Can you move our data center/server room?

Yes, we plan the relocation of this time-sensitive equipment to minimize downtime. Frequently, we provide a special crew and a “hot truck” to complete the movement of this delicate equipment both efficiently and safely.

Do you move PCs?

Yes, in fact, Hilldrup Tech Services team not only moves them, we now help approximately 90% of our customers with disconnecting and reconnecting the PCs, allowing our clients’ IT staff to concentrate on the overall system.

Can you help us dispose of our old furniture and electronics?

Hilldrup has a long list of charitable organizations with whom we work who can put your unwanted, yet still usable, office furniture and electronics to good use. Electronic parts that cannot be recycled will be properly disposed of—rest assured nothing will end up sitting in a landfill. Find out more about our recycling and eCycle programs by talking with your move counselor.

Do you own your own trucks?

Hilldrup owns and maintains its state-of-the-art fleet of trucks in-house to ensure maximum performance. Each truck comes with a GPS tracking system for easy tracking, as well as an air-ride suspension system to provide maximum cushioning for your belongings.

How far in advance should I begin planning my commercial move?

All things being equal, you should start planning your commercial move approximately two months prior to your actual move date. Especially when dealing with larger moves, you will want to give yourself sufficient time to interview moving companies, evaluate proposals and reserve labor and equipment.

How do I handle delicate inventory or machinery?

The right moving company will be able to provide you with the necessary moving equipment and packing supplies to protect your inventory during the move. We use special crates, inventory carts and we provide customized crating services for specialized items.

Do you disassemble and reassemble furniture?

We have all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture if needed, including office cubicles. Be aware that disassembly for some furniture is not recommended for different reasons. If you happen to have furniture that cannot be disassembled, we will find alternative ways to move it.

Do you provide a disposal service for getting rid of excess office items?

We can provide a disposal service. If requested, we will drop off a dumpster at your business location and load the waste into the dumpster. Arrangement for this service must be made prior to the move and the volume of the waste determines the cost for this service.

Do you provide building insurance?

After reservations are made with us for your move, you will provide us with the information for the management company of the building you are moving to and from. Our insurance agency will contact the buildings’ management and will provide them with the proper insurance documents for your move.