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August 15, 2019 |

The temperatures are hot and Hilldrup Stafford employees kept with our best-known tradition for keeping cool: participating in our annual water balloon toss! All employees were encouraged to join at the front lot of our Corporate Headquarters, pick a partner and a balloon, and get ready to toss!

Employees used their competitive edge, focus and agility to get as far as possible in the water balloon competition in hopes of taking top prize. First place prize included a $100 gift card, trophy and a year’s worth of bragging rights; second place winners would each take home $50 gift cards.

Congratulations to the winner of this year’s competition: Ashley Lamb, International Move Manager, and Eric Kirste, International Move Manager! It was a close competition with Garrett Allen, Move Coordinator, and Mike Wood, Sr. Virtual Sales Estimator, taking second place alongside partners Quanesha Morton, Accounts Payable Coordinator, and Charles W. McDaniel, President and CEO of Hilldrup. Both tied for 2nd place runners-up within the same round!

Special to thank you for all those who helped coordinate and fill balloons, including: Toni Mohrman, Bill/Order Processor; Wendi Reinhart, Warehouse Clerk; Lisa Culver, Bill & Revenue Analyst; and Carrie Chewning, Sr. National Account Bill & Revenue Analyst!

Thank you to all who participated in this week’s fun and competition – until next year!

Get ready, get set – toss! The Hilldrup Stafford team lined up with their partners to participate in Hilldrup’s annual water balloon toss. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the sunshine and our fun, team-building exercise!

From left: Quanesha Morton, Accounts Payable Coordinator; Charles W. McDaniel, President and CEO of Hilldrup; Eric Kirste, International Move Manager; Ashley Lamb, International Move Manager; Garrett Allen, Move Coordinator; and Mike Wood, Sr. Virtual Sales Estimator gather as our top three teams from the competition. Great teamwork everyone!

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