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March 6, 2019 |

Hilldrup Raleigh recently met with local high school juniors and seniors who are ready to join the workforce as part of the Ready, Set, Go Career Readiness Expo.

Hosted at the Hamner Conference Center, the Ready, Set, Go Career Readiness Expo invited high school students preparing to find a career immediately following graduation to learn about local career opportunities. We were proud to be part of the event as Gary Prather, Quality Control, and Jeremy Williams, Operations Manager, shared Hilldrup’s offerings as an employer and industry leader with the students in attendance. We were also happy to answer any questions about our organization and industry as a whole!

“It’s a common but incorrect assumption that the moving industry is male-dominated,” said Jeremy Williams. “So many students were surprised to learn that we have so many different roles no matter their interests - from coordinating to operations to project managers, there are so many career opportunities for both men and women to pursue at Hilldrup.”

Thank you to all who made this event possible and the nearly 100 students in attendance for coming out and taking the time to learn more about us!

Interested in starting a career with a professional team that also feels like family? Visit Hilldrup’s careers page to see our current listings!

Gary Prather, Quality Control (left), and Jeremy Williams, Operations Manager (right), prepare to meet students across the Raleigh-Durham area who are looking for a career upon graduation. We hope you look no further than Hilldrup! 


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