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Are You a Mega-Commuter?

Most people would call spending 90 minutes in the car driving at least 50 miles a day trip; however, there are some out there who call it their daily commute. A recent Census report cites 600,000 Americans as “mega-commuters,” those who log that much time and mileage every day, one way.

The states with the highest percentage of “long commuters” (workers with a one-way commute of at least 60 minutes) shouldn’t be a surprise: Washington, D.C., New Jersey and New York – at least 12 percent of workers in those states are considered long commuters. If you think that many people spending so much time driving to work each day would result in mass exodus, you’re only partially right.

United Van Lines’ 2012 Migration Report, which tracks the number of residents moving to and from each state throughout the year, lists Washington, D.C. as the top inbound state, with 64 percent of all moves in the area being to the District. Conversely, New Jersey topped the outbound list, along with New York coming in at #4.

The nation’s average commute time is 25.4 minutes. Are you curious to see how far your neighbors commute? WYNC, a New York City public radio station, created an interactive map of the United States with each zip code’s average commute time. Check it out below.