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Making the most out of an international move

Moving, by its very nature, always incorporates an element of transition – new neighborhoods to navigate, learning which intersections to avoid at rush hour. But with an international move, it’s not just about the streets. There’s an entirely different culture to learn. It’s no surprise then that 25% of job-related international moves fail because people don’t have access to resources to help them cope with the frustration and subtle cultural differences such as language barriers and setting up utility and bank accounts under a foreign system.

This is why Hilldrup is partnering with UniGroup Worldwide and its Destination Services program, which provides a variety of transition assistance such as cultural and language training, transportation support and school searches – services that help new residents from feeling overwhelmed with all the new systems and languages they now have to navigate.

Why is this important for businesses to consider incorporating into their relocation packages? Studies show, “assignment failure” can cost an employer as much as $1 million when you factor in travel, taxes, real estate and compensation. For residential customers, these services can also help locate suitable housing more quickly, which reduces time and money spent in hotels while they look for a permanent home.

The Destination Services program gives customers something to lean on when adjusting into their new lives with services that can help them find homes, open bank accounts, connect utilities, or even transfer prescriptions. We understand that like people, no two moves are the same. Each in some way is a new adventure, and at Hilldrup, we want to help you make the most of it, regardless of language and cultural barriers.