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New Look, Same Service


You may be asking yourself, “There’s something different about Hilldrup, but I can’t put my finger on it…”

No, we didn’t get a new haircut or anything like that. We did, however, launch our new brand. (See the new logo up top?)

For some people, change is a daunting prospect to be avoided. But when you’ve been in business for over 110 years, not only do you see change as inevitable, you look for opportunities to embrace it. The relocation industry has evolved a great deal the past few years, and as we looked at how Hilldrup’s grown with it, we wanted our name – or rather, the look of it – to reflect this change.

Hilldrup has continued to thrive because our company is built on a simple concept: Be the best at what we do, and success will follow. Our commitment to quality and integrity remains our guiding principle.

Our new logo reflects this principle and its simplicity. While Hilldrup will always be a name we proudly stand behind, the emphasis now will be on the H, which is current and bold, clean and confident, and always moving forward.

We also understand our customers’ needs are more diverse than ever, and while moving always will be the fundamental service we provide, what that looks like varies with each customer and company we serve. As a result, we also now have a variety of taglines to accompany our new logo that speak directly to the unique needs of our clients.

Nothing else about Hilldrup is changing. We value the relationship we have with our customers tremendously and always want to communicate any important news promptly and directly. What do you think of our new logo? Let us know in the comments!