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School’s Out, Time to Move

The searing temperatures that swept the nation this past week were a clear indication that summer has arrived, which is by far the most popular season for families to move. It’s understandable – it gives children a chance to finish out the school year before enrolling in a new one.

Although the summer break makes sense from a scheduling perspective, it does create another challenge – what to do with your kids while you’re trying to organize and pack up your house? The answer is simple, get them out of the house. Sign them up for summer camps and activities like swimming or the movies. This gives you an extended period of time to make sense of all the madness.

It’s also a good idea to get children involved after you’ve moved to help them get acclimated with the new area. Do some research before the move to find activities and programs they’re already interested in that they could easily get plugged into after you’re settled. This will help them start building friendships before the new school year and gives you some quiet time to get your new home in order.

Part of preparing to move in the summer should be preparing for the heat. Here are some things to keep in mind, heat can create a mess out of candles and wax products. For example, using furniture cleaner with wax can result to packing pads getting stuck to furniture and items like candles and crayons can melt. It’s best to avoid using and packing these types of items with furniture and clothing.

Most importantly, don’t rush the process.  Plan out a checklist with a timeline of when tasks need to be completed. This will help keep your stress level down. In case you missed our post about our new iPhone/iPad app, Move Pro, it has all sorts of features to help keep the process organized.

Organization in key to a good move, plan to schedule your move in advance to increase your odds of getting the days you want or being able to plan ahead and give yourself time to make changes if you need.

If this summer is going to be more about cardboard boxes than cookouts, give us a call.