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The Olympic Effect – Moving Hurdles

There’s so much to be excited about the upcoming Summer Olympics in London – the highest levels of athleticism, the sportsmanship among competitors. But if you happen to be a Londoner, or have any moving plans associated with the region this summer, excitement may be the furthest thing on your mind.

The Olympic Effect – as it’s being called – is expected to be a transportation nightmare. Although officials have spent $10.2 billion in transportation upgrades over the past seven years, it is expected that an additional 3 million commuters will flood London roadways, subways and trains each day during the Olympics. On top of this, all of the major roadways have had a lane rededicated for Olympic-use only – meaning athletes, dignitaries and media will have the right-of-way the entire fortnight.

Because of this, there are some things to be aware of should you expect to move in London during the Olympics.

First, with lane closures, commercial moving trucks will be at a virtual standstill. There’s no telling how long it could take for them to reach their destination, or if there would even be parking or room for them to load/unload once they arrive. London officials have decided to lift restrictions on after-hours deliveries, however given the lack of access during the daytime, it is expected the hours from midnight to 6am will be reminiscent of rush hour traffic.

Commercial trucks will also be subject to higher security screenings. It is suggested for drivers to have their license, insurance and cargo information readily available to keep the process simple, but nonetheless, it will cause additional delays. It is recommended to consolidate deliveries to as few loads as possible during the Games.

Second, if you have a corporate lease expiring during this time and you have to move, look out for price gouging. Service providers will be well aware of your dilemma and the limited options you have at your disposal.

It goes without saying, but if there is any way to avoid moving in London during the Olympics, do so. Call your Hilldrup representative who can make sure all possible avenues are explored, even though it might seem like there are no other alternatives. For instance, many restrictions will only be enforced when there is an event in that particular area. Your Hilldrup representative can help you determine if there are any open periods in your area during the Games.