Training In-house

At Hilldrup, We Provide Training and Support to Our Award-Winning Team

Continuous and consistent training is what keeps Hilldrup and our teams ahead of the competition. As such, we invest heavily in providing the resources, tools and time that our teams need to provide great service to our customers time and time again.

As part of our ISO 9001 certification, every Hilldrup employee is required to complete three training classes per year. Employees in customer-facing positions complete an average of 50-60 hours of training annually, while employees in other positions complete an average of 25-30 hours of training annually.

Hilldrup’s Center for Training and Employee Development

Hilldrup was the first in the industry to design and use an in-house training center as part of our training for new and current employees. Our 10,000 square foot training center, The Center for Training and Employee Development, is equipped with a fully furnished two-bedroom house, moving van, storage vaults, overseas container and more, to give our moving trainees hands-on experience before they ever enter a customer’s home.

All Hilldrup service team members are trained in Hilldrup’s state-of-the-art Center for Training and Employee Development by our certified Quality Labor Trainer. New service teams are required to participate in weeklong classes (40 hours of hands-on and classroom learning) that are tailored to the specific aspect of the moving process for which they have been hired. New team members learn the basics of packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, how to properly wrap furniture, how to prepare a residence for a move and the customer service skills to ensure each of our customers have a fantastic experience with us.

Once this training is complete, the new service team member is assigned to a coach who will complete their quality labor training and monitor their progress. Our success relies on those who we hire to ensure they treat our customers with the utmost respect and their belongings as if they were their own.

Hilldrup's Stafford location's training room

The UniGroup LearningHub

However, providing top-notch customer service isn’t just found while we’re in our customers’ homes packing and loading their belongings. Continuing our training and development is just as important within and across our ten offices as well. Each employee not only receives comprehensive training when they join our team, but each is also encouraged to attend classes and workshops through the UniGroup LearningHub to continually improve their skills to better assist customers.

UniGroup, the holding company for United Van Lines, of which Hilldrup is one of the largest agents, wanted to offer its agents an opportunity to enjoy videos, courses and even course-related discussions through a state-of-the-art visual experience. Learning takes place through software program and app, Docebo. The Docebo mobile app, Go.Learn, is available on iTunes and Android, once an employee is registered with the UniGroup LearningHub. Whether though a mobile app or desktop, Hilldrup employees can watch videos and participate in eLearning to benefit their job performance and ultimately, our customers’ experience.

Depending on their position’s primary function, employees can concentrate on business skills or moving skills through the UniGroup LearningHub, including customer service skills, communications techniques, management methods and more.

Features and Benefits of UniGroup’s LearningHub include the following:

  • Best-in-class visual learner experience
  • Mobile app to support learning on the go
  • Artificial intelligence to guide learners to videos and courses based on interests, previous learning and identified skill gaps
  • Integration with our new training provider, LinkedIn Learning, for easy access to a large, diverse library of courses and videos
  • Integration with web conferencing products like WebEx to support our virtual agent trainings and workshops
  • Secure, cloud-based architecture that provides flexible scalability as we grow and change our enterprise

On-Site Learning

Industry Conferences

Knowing what it takes to be the best moving services company, period, takes participation. We take every opportunity to learn, whether on the road, in the office or overseas to stay abreast of and ahead of trends to be a reliable resource to our clients. Hilldrup is an active participant and leader in several industry organizations’ conferences and events including:

What We’ve Learned

While at these conferences and events, we’ve learned some best practices and come back with new ideas to better serve our customers. Take a look at some of our learnings:

We’re proud to support all of our employees, whether they’re new to the industry or part of our leadership team, in their continued training and education. The better we are, the better we can meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.