Uniquely Hilldrup Move: BB&T

Hilldrup has been a trusted partner serving the moving and storage needs of BB&T, both for their offices and for their employees’ household moves, for over a decade. It’s one of the reasons why we consider our organization and the services we provide Uniquely Hilldrup! Our longstanding relationships with businesses across the U.S. and throughout the world are a testament to our commitment to quality and fostering partnerships with our clients. As such, it was no surprise that when BB&T and SunTrust announced they were merging to create the premier financial institution, Hilldrup was the mover of choice chosen to help BB&T employees and their families move. To relocate these professionals effectively and efficiently across the southeastern U.S., the Hilldrup team got to work quickly.


A Merger of Equals

In a transformational merger of equals, BB&T and SunTrust will combine to become Truist. The joining of these two iconic franchises will result in the establishment of the sixth-largest bank with 275 years of combined history. BB&T is currently headquartered in Winston-Salem, NC while SunTrust’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA. Truist’s new headquarters will be established in Charlotte, NC, while significant operations and investments will also be maintained in Winston-Salem, NC and Atlanta, GA.


Who’s Involved

Hilldrup prides itself on our strategic locations throughout the southeastern U.S. to provide the moving and storage services needed for all kinds of business relocations. This move proved just how strategic our locations are – Hilldrup’s Raleigh-Durham team, Charlotte team and Atlanta team will each be a significant part of the move project with support provided by Hilldrup’s Corporate Headquarters in Stafford, VA as well. With moves already underway, Hilldrup will be serving as the origin and destination agent for the household goods moves of the BB&T employees who are relocating to Truist’s new headquarters.


Plan of Action  

Half of the executive leadership team of Truist will be comprised of BB&T leaders who will be moved by our team throughout the remainder of 2019. In 2020, the executive support team, teammates and associates from BB&T will follow, creating hundreds of moves that will be strategically planned by Hilldrup over the next 24-36 months. We look forward to the opportunity to present Hilldrup’s offering of Group Move services to the BB&T team. Group moves are a unique, helpful feature of the moving and storage industry. In general, a presentation on group moves allows our team the opportunity to address a large number of professionals all at once to set expectations and answer questions regarding the move process. We go into detail about what employees can look forward to and explain some of the more intricate stages of the move process, such as paperwork and delivery spreads. Hilldrup knows that moving can be just as daunting as it can be exciting; we look forward to being able to be transparent, helpful and supportive during the entire move process for the BB&T team.


An Innovation Center comprised of technology essential to the company’s operations and success will be housed in Charlotte as part of the merger as well. Plans to transport that technology and equipment will be handled by Hilldrup’s Commercial Services team.


By The Numbers

  • The combination of BB&T and SunTrust will create the sixth-largest U.S. banking holding company.
  • Merger brings 275 years of combined history and culture in serving clients and communities.
  • Moves will take place throughout the next 24-36


Thanks to our team’s unparalleled resources, strategic branch locations and experience with corporate group moves, we are truly Uniquely Hilldrup. We look forward to helping bring Truist’s new workforce to its future headquarters!

BB&T bank in the foreground and SunTrust in the background