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Hilldrup Stafford’s Mystery Box Challenge & Scavenger Hunt

To get into the Halloween spirit, Hilldrup Stafford employees were invited to participate in a Mystery Box Challenge and Scavenger Hunt. The spooky twist on these team-bonding activities put our communication skills to the test while having fun!

For the Mystery Box Challenge, participating employees were each assigned to a team and one person was chosen to put their hand into the “mystery box.” Based on what they felt from within the mystery box, the employee described the item to the rest of their team. Employees worked together in order to correctly guess the item inside. From “fingers” (sausages) to a “brain” (Jell-O), there were plenty of squirms and gasps as our team worked through the challenge. The team who guessed the most mystery items correctly in the least amount of time was the winner!

With a record time of only 2 minutes and 56 seconds, congratulations to our winning team comprised of Mary Kay Young, Sr. Bill & Revenue Analyst; Katie Murray, A/R Credit Analyst; Rebecca Grimes, NA Audit Bill & Revenue Analyst; Connie McGrath, Vice President, Finance; Chrissy King, Manager, Customer Service and Melissa Barker, Administrative Assistant!

Later this month, Stafford employees were encouraged to participate in a Scavenger Hunt taking place both within and outside of the office. From rummaging through the kitchen fridge to across the parking lot, the competition was taken very seriously! Employees worked together to solve clues as they made their way throughout the building and around the property. Congratulations to Team Green who completed the Scavenger Hunt in only 7 minutes and 55 seconds! The team included Erin Davis, Move Coordinator; Bridget Geiger, Corporate Communications Writer; Deanna Thomas, Bill & Revenue Analyst; Lisa Culver, Bill & Revenue Analyst; Robin Allison Jones, Billing Supervisor and Jessica Facciolo, Customer Care Representative!

We appreciate everyone who participated in the fun and special thanks to our Claims Department for putting so much creativity and planning into these fun activities for our team to enjoy!

Alexis Meredith participates in Halloween activity

From a tongue (roasted red peppers) to eyeballs (peeled grape tomatoes), Alexis Meredith, Marketing Administrative Assistant, describes the mystery items to her team.

Hilldrup employees enjoy Halloween activity together

Congratulations to the winning team of the Mystery Box Challenge (from left) Melissa Barker, Administrative Assistant; Chrissy King, Manager, Customer Service; Mary Kay Young, Sr. Bill & Revenue Analyst; Connie McGrath, Vice President; Katie Murray, A/R Credit Analyst and Rebecca Grimes, National Account Bill & Revenue Analyst.

Hilldrup employees work together to decipher clue in company gym

Team Orange spotted a clue in the cardio room during the Scavenger Hunt! Carolyn Cunningham, Billing Supervisor (center) reads off the riddle to find the next clue to teammates Michelle Teague, Bill & Revenue Analyst (left) and Kaila Sims, Billing Assistant (right).

Hilldrup employees work together to decipher clue outside

Chris Cannon, Finance Manager, reads off the next clue to his teammates.

Hilldrup employees enjoy a scavenger hunt together

Team Red makes their way from finding a clue by the employee parking lot at the Stafford branch back to the office in hopes of finding the next clue!