Girl Scout Cookie Release Totals Over 20,000 Cases in Charlotte

Thanks to our Charlotte team for their efforts to ensure the seamless loading of tens of thousands of Girl Scout cookie cases.

Girl Scout cookie distribution event in Charlotte, NC in 2024.

From Samoas to Thin Mints to Do-si-dos, Hilldrup’s Charlotte professionals have proven to be experts at the distribution of Girl Scout cookies. The team successfully ran a Girl Scout cookie rally event last year as well as a cookie release event in 2022, so when it came time to lead this year’s cookie release for the 2024 season, Charlotte knew the recipe for success.

Hilldrup Charlotte hosted the Girl Scout cookie release on-site at our branch location on Saturday, January 20. Despite the below-freezing temperatures, the strategic loading of the thousands of cases of cookies was a sweet success. The cases of inventory had previously been delivered to our Charlotte warehouse, where we stored and organized the cookies prior to distribution. Our 20-person team worked alongside Girl Scout volunteers from throughout the Charlotte area and released over 20,000 cases of cookies in six hours. Over 200 Girl Scout troops were represented by the four lines of personal vehicles, trailers and even U-Haul trucks that arrived outside of our Charlotte warehouse.

Thank you to our employees and all of the Girl Scout volunteers who helped to make this cookie release seamless. We appreciate all of the local Girl Scout troops for trusting us with your highly sought after inventory and wish all of the troops a sweet, successful season of sales!

Hilldrup Charlotte's set up for Girl Scout Cookie distribution in 2024.

Hilldrup Charlotte’s Operations team warehoused and organized each pallet of Girl Scout cookie-type ahead of our release on Saturday, January 20, 2024.

Vehicles loading up Girl Scout cookie cases at Hilldrup Charlotte in 2024.

From personal vehicles to U-Haul trucks and trailers, over 200 Girl Scout troops were represented by the customers who came by to pick up the cases of Girl Scout cookies that would be sold during the 2024 season. We appreciate all our volunteers and employees who helped make this event seamless!