Employee Relocation

Moving is about a lot more than transporting goods. That is why Hilldrup offers a range of domestic and international relocation services to help your employees make a smooth transition to their new location.

The Team and Resources You Want

Our employee relocation specialists serve as a single point of accountability dedicated to maximizing each move’s budget and ensuring employees get the services and peace of mind they need. We provide a wide range of departure and destination services, as well as help preparing for global assignments. Over the years, thanks to our worldwide reach, we have also helped businesses develop new policies that ensure they comply with local regulations and practices.

Whether building new programs or enhancing existing entitlement tiers, you’ll find a flexible approach that will help you easily select the services that best meet your needs.

Check out our full Hilldrup Relocation website to learn more about how working with a relocation specialist can ease your employees’ transition to a new home.

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Exactly What Your Employees Need to Get Started

The flexibility of our a-la-carte menu of value-added relocation services allows clients to build new programs or enhance existing relocation service packages.

We offer the following services to give your employees exactly what they need to get off on the right foot with their new assignment.

Recruitment Support

  • Policy Development
  • Policy and Entitlement Counseling*
  • Needs Analysis
  • Cost Containment Strategies
  • Cost of Living Analysis*

Departure Services

  • Home Marketing Assistance
  • Property Management
  • Household Goods Management*
  • Travel Assistance

Destination Services

  • Destination Orientation
  • Home Finding Assistance
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • Temporary Housing*
  • Rental Assistance*
  • Family Transition Assistance
  • Automobile Lease and Purchase Assistance*
  • Driver Licensing Assistance*
  • Long-Term Housing and Lease Negotiation*

Global Assignment

  • Area Orientation*
  • Temporary Living
  • Language Training*
  • Passport, Visa & Immigration Services
  • Property and Tenancy Management
  • Family Transition Assistance
  • Assignment Cost Projections*
  • Home Finding Assistance*
  • Settling-In Services*
  • Cross Culture Training*
  • School & Education Search Assistance*
  • Spouse/Partner Support Programs*
  • Driver Licensing Assistance*

Expense Management

  • Relocation Expense Audit & Tracking
  • Supplier Payment Services
  • Year End Gross Up
  • Relocation Tax Reporting

Household Goods Movement

  • US Domestic
  • International

*Domestic and International

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Contact An Employee Relocation Specialists Near You

Allow Hilldrup to be an extension of your team to make every move simpler, seamless and stress-free. Contact us to start putting together customized relocation services plan for your employees. Or, learn more about our single point-of-accountability service here!

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