Assessing the Risks of Moving Abroad

Preparing for an international move requires understanding the potential risks associated with the destination country. It’s essential to choose a reliable international

Preparing for an international move requires understanding the potential risks associated with the destination country. It’s essential to choose a reliable international moving company to help identify and navigate those risks to ensure a smooth transition, especially considering the significant costs associated with global relocations.

Whether it’s a widely reported issue or a lesser-known challenge, here’s how to ensure your family is prepared to move abroad with the help of the right international moving company.

Step 1: Research Your Destination Country Thoroughly

Just because a problem is sweeping the headlines doesn’t mean it’s a real threat. Take the Zika virus, for example. Most people just hear “Zika virus” and “Latin America.” The problem is, there are a lot of arid places in Latin America with hardly any mosquitos (the carriers of the disease) and by extension, have had no reported cases of the virus. Getting smart about the issues (real and perceived) associated with your destination country will equip you with the right information so you can concentrate on your international assignment.

Make sure your moving partner has extensive overseas experience. From customs regulations to cultural norms and neighborhood safety, be sure to leverage their knowledge base to make better-informed decisions through the move process. Choosing the right international mover is about more than just transporting your belongings.

Step 2: Assess Your Risk Tolerance

Even if there is a real risk where the assignment is, it doesn’t mean it’ll be a problem for everyone. Sticking with the Zika virus, it is known to cause severe birth defects should a pregnant mother contract the disease. This is a significant issue for anyone with a growing family – and a potential deal breaker for the assignment. But for a healthy adult, the virus generally causes no more than a rash and fever, of which some people may not be particularly concerned. It’s important to review potential risks with candidates to see if they are concerned by them – and to determine if you’ll be able to alleviate those concerns.

It’s not enough to understand the risks associated with moving abroad. Sophisticated preparation also demands an assessment of the kinds of risk you and your family can tolerate. Assessing risk and knowing the potential impact on you and your family is another task you don’t have to handle on your own. Strong international relocation partners will help walk you through the process.

Step 3: Pay Attention to the Details

While major issues grab headlines, it’s often the minor details that can impact a family’s international move experience. Are the driving laws and culture radically different from what the employee is used to? Or maybe the weather? These aren’t necessarily headline-worthy problems, but they can lead to stress, and in some cases harm, if not properly addressed and prepared for.

Relocating internationally is an exciting journey. However, it’s crucial to ensure that families have a clear understanding of potential challenges. Partnering with a reputable international moving company like Hilldrup can provide the expertise and resources needed for a successful move.

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