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Hotel Renovation: The Liquidation, Storage, and Installation Process

Now that travel and hotel stays are increasing, hotels are looking to upgrade. Hiring a logistics company to assist with the process has many benefits.

Picture of a contemporary, high-scale hotel lobby.

The pandemic remains a question for many, but for the hospitality industry, there has been a noticeable uptick in travel and hotel stays in recent months. If not done already, now is the perfect time for hotel renovations where the properties can upgrade furniture, layouts and other aspects that impact guests’ experience. People are looking to travel again and a fresh update to your property can have a big impact on guests’ stay and future visits.

Benefits of Hiring a Logistics Company to Help with Hotel Renovations

A successful hotel renovation can have tremendous benefits to a property. It also can easily be quite an undertaking. It requires considerable planning to ensure everything moves along as scheduled and that any disruptions to guests are kept to an absolute minimum. There’s the obvious construction, but also the removal of all the furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) and the reinstallation of existing or new items.

Often, many hotels will work with a logistics company to manage this process, but not all hospitality logistics providers are the same. Some only do specific aspects of the process like warehousing, but they then outsource much of the work to other vendors, which routinely can lead to delays if the different entities aren’t in sync. This is why it’s so important to choose an asset-based logistics company that specializes in all the services you require. Finding a one-stop-shop hotel logistics company streamlines the process considerably by minimizing “the cooks in the kitchen,” so to speak.

What Does the Hotel Renovation Process Look Like?

The process for a hotel renovation process may not be as long as you think – again, so long as you work with qualified partners. Generally, a renovation can take as little as four weeks and can be orchestrated so that your guests aren’t impeded by the process in any way.

The liquidation and storage process (week 1)

In order for any work to be done, all the FF&E needs to be removed from the hotel areas that are being renovated. A logistics company will work with you to identify a plan for everything being removed. This will include liquidating old furniture that is no longer needed and storing furniture you plan to keep for continued use.

Additionally, a logistics company also can handle the receiving of new items you plan to install after the renovation. This is especially helpful in that it keeps unnecessary boxes out of the hotel where space is at a premium. It’s worth asking a potential logistics company how they go about processing new items you order. Some, like Hilldrup, will review everything to ensure the right color, model, size, etc. is received, which can reduce delays on the backend of the renovation.

The renovation process (weeks 2-3)

Once everything is out of the construction areas, the process gets handed off to the general contractor. Common improvements that hotels make as part of a renovation include:

  • New paint
  • New floors
  • New windows
  • Updated insulation and drywall
  • Upgraded HVAC systems
  • Repairs and improvements to electrical and plumbing systems

Similar to choosing the right logistics company, it’s important to vet a general contractor and their ability to do the requisite tasks efficiently and effectively. How much of the work will they do versus outsourcing to subcontractors? What experience do they have working with similar property types? This part of the renovation shouldn’t be rushed, but it also shouldn’t languish for any longer than is necessary.

The FF&E installation process (week 4)

When the general contractor completes the construction work, the logistics company will begin delivering and installing all the FF&E. It’s also helpful to ask a logistics company about their inventory management system for items being stored or purchased. Do you plan to phase the FF&E installation over several days? Do different areas of the hotel have different FF&E that needs to be delivered and installed? A logistics company with a robust electronic inventory management system will be able to easily identify everything in storage at their warehouse and pull only those items you need on specific days. Upon completion of the FF&E installation, your logistics company will review every aspect of the project to ensure all areas of your hotel look as you expected they would.


Before traveling fully resumes to pre-pandemic levels, now is a perfect time to undergo a hotel renovation. It can refresh your space and allow for improvements that address guests’ new expectations around cleanliness and open spaces. Working with a hotel logistics company will ensure the renovation process goes smoothly and without delay.

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